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Diet and health sources

Omega 3 Connection - Dr Andrew Stoll*

Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon

Know your fats - Mary G Enig*

Mucus Theory of all disease - Arnold Ehert**

The Sprouting book - Ann Wigmore

The Body Ecology Diet - Donna Gates**

The Wheatgrass book - Ann Wigmore

Cleanse and heal theyself - Dr Richard Anderson (all series)

Last Acne solution - Leonard Kiessen**

Thorsons Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals - Leonard Mervyn

Flax oil as a true aid against Arthritis, heart infraction, cancer and other diseases - Dr Johanna Budwig*

* Best reads

None Acne related:

Perfect sight without glasses - Dr W H Bates (can be downloaded free as copyright has expired)

Stories from the Clinic - Emily C Lierman (WH Bates asistant)

Bruce Lee Expressing the Human body - Complied by John Little

These are some of the books ive read in my acne and diet research. All of these are a very good read, keep an open mind when reading any of these. Any1 want to post up interesting books they have found that will help people here?

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My favourite books:

Life Without Bread - Wolfgang Lutz (the most important book in my opinion)

The Protein Power Lifeplan - Michael und Mary Eades

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - Weston A Price

Optimal Nutrition - Jan Kwasniewski

Strong Medicine - Blake Donaldson

The Cholesterol Con - Anthony Colpo

The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov

The UV-Advantage - Michael Hollick

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Cool im going to order some of these, keep em coming. Best thing to do with good information is pass it on.

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