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My skin has minimal active pimples at the moment, but my cheeks and forhead are red. Why?

Skin is not oily, i drink 10 glasses of water a day, I don't eat fatty/greasy/sugary/salty foods. Skin is basically smooth (except for a few whiteheads).. BUT WHY IS MY FACE COVERED IN REDNESS!

Mum said it could be Acne Rosacea? But doesn't that only occur in adults? and i googled pictures of it, and mine is no where as bad as those poor people. my complexion used to be flawless.. when does the redness go away? why do i have redness? is there anything that will take it away NOW?

desperate, oh so very desperate.


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Jurlique face wash for sensitive skin - which contains lavender oil

Palmers cocoa butter face moisturiser

Betodine for spot treatments

WAS using Jurlique Moor mask.. could this be the culprit?

WAS also using Lalisse anti - spot serum.

and WAS using beyoxyl on pimples

argh! :(

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Are they just random spots or is is completely red?

If they are just random spots they are probably just redmarks from previous acne. If that is the case just give them a month or two to disappear. They will look a little better everyday.

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