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Hey you guys, I have been a long term acne sufferer (got it when I was 12, am now 18, have done accutane twice). Over the years all the different products, the most likely culprit of which is accutane, have really destroyed and damaged my skin. I'm not mad though, as the fact is my face wouldn't be at all decent if it hadn't been for them. But enough of what sounds like the first chapter of a book!

My face is fairly red, mostly the cheeks. Whenever I smile people ask if I'm really hot or sunburnt! It the redness unfortunately also suddenly cuts off under my eyes, giving me the look of a raccoon sunburn!! I'm male, and of course shave every day. Wherever my facial hair grows, my skin is completely pale and white. No matter how hard I try by shaving and then immediately going into the sun without sunscreen on there, it can't even burn! It's quite frustrating due to the fact that the rest of my body tans super easily, and therefore tends to look quite odd with my pale and pink face. Does anyone know of some great products that really help heal, calm, and rejuvinate damaged skin? I have tried several "anti-reddening" creams, and have been ensured by my dermo that it isn't rosacea. I'm considering trying a fake tan to essentially cover all the mixed colors of my face. Does anyone know of some good fake tanners that wont clog my skin and break me out? Thanks for any help, and thanks for taking the time to read this whole post!

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Post some pics surf dude cuz i cant get an idea on what your talking about.

ITs probably not as bad as you think. But if your really trying to tan your face to your body, why not just wear shirts and let your face catch up, or apply tanning lotion on your face?

But good luck and ill try to be better help next time.

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