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lionqueen's got me interested in green cream now, but it's very expensive and i'm not sure it would be appropriate for my skin (which is dry, red/irritated looking w/ large pores & blotchy) - a few years ago i was put on tretinoin and it broke my skin out so horribly it never really recovered. i suppose i could just apply a light layer to my cheeks and nose (where most of the damaged skin, if not pimples are) once a day and that 1 oz bottle would last awhile, but while i'd think it might even out the bumpiness, i figure it might also irritate the skin further - i question whether it would actually even out skin tone. anyone want to share experiences/questions/comments/suggestions?

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Trey, you mentioned something about rosacea in an earlier thread ... I don't think GC is recommended for rosacea sufferers, although I could be wrong.

I think a site that might really help you out is the SkinCare board at www.dianayvonne.com -- the forum host, DebbieNIR, is a biochemist and knows just about everything there is to know about the various things you might put on your skin.

I suggest visiting over there and doing some reading ... I think there's a rosacea forum, I know there's one for acne.

Deb is really great ... she put me on to mandelic acid, and one of the site members put me on to the Garden of Wisdom formulation; I also learned a lot about emu oil, hyaluronic acid, and other wonderful skin treatments there. Anyway, if you do have rosacea, I feel sure that Deb can give you better advice than I can. She can also advise you on how various active products work together and how to assemble a regimen.

Good luck with this, sorry I can't be more helpful.

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Can anyone tell me how many IU's per 100 g of retinol is in this cream???

That would be a good question for the Green Cream board ... check out "community" at www.greencream.com.

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