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I'm currently on benzamycin pak (or benzaclin, same thing) in the morning and differin at night along with ammoxycilin 2x a day. I heard that the benzoyl peroxide (in benzamycin pak) can make red marks or scars last longer. I have two med-sized whiteheads that have now turned into regular pimples and I don't want the benzoyl peroxide to make the red marks last long once they're gone because they are noticeable. I have had success with neo spot treatment and it didn't make the pimple scar for me. Is it safe/OK to use neo spot treatment on a pimple at the same time my differin or benzamycin pak is on? Thanks

Oh and also I was wondering if people have had success with the baking powder & water/apple cider vinegar red mark treatment. My face is full of red marks and I would like something to help! thanks

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There should be no need to use neosporin with the benzamycin (which is not the same as benzaclin... it's BP and Erythromycin, wheras benzaclin is BP and clindamycin). Erythromycin is doing the same thing (if not better) as the neosporin would... they're both topical antibiotics. How long have you been on this treatment combination?

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I've been on

take morning & night: Ammoxycillin

wash morning & night: Cetaphil daily face wash

morning apply: Benzamycin Pak

night apply: Differin

It has been about 7 weeks. I am afraid the Benzoyl peroxide in the Benzamycin Pak will make red marks stick around longer, which is one of my major problems. I desperately need to find a way to get rid of/fade red marks and to stop them from lasting so long (I Know theres not much I can do but I wish there was!)

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