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10 weeks in

SOoooooo , ive been using the regimen sparingly for about 3 years. Panoxyl bp and random moisturisers kept me mostly clear - a few weeks id be completely clear - a few weeks id have loads of spots - on and off really. I decided i wanted to try and deal with them once and for all after a paticuarly bad break out. I ordered dans bp and used Eurecin urea 5 % dry skin cream (im in the UK). I was cleansing with Act washbar but now i ust use warm water cos everything was drying me out. The first 3 weeks were bliss - completely clear and staying clear - i thought it was too good to be true - and i was right. Breakout after breakout followed and now it seems i have a similar on off week pattern of clear and then breakouts except now my breakouts are really bad. Bigger zits than i used to get before and my forehead which was never that bad is suffering paticularly. Do i stick with it some more or just go off it completely? i have read all about how dans bp gets supposedly deeper and gets out all the crap underneath your skin which can take a while but its getting well past the 2 month mark now with no significant improvements. The only thing i can put it down to is i have graduated uni this month so i have had a lot of going out , staying at peoples houses, stress with graduation ceremonies etc - partying. Maybe its taking its toll now but i was still applying the regimen religiously. I dont know whether to stick with it or to just give my skin a well deserved break from bp and try and use the natrual method. Suggestions please guys?

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Can you list what cleanser you are now using? And also how much bp you are using?

Do you do the CSR twice a day, religiously, without skipping any applications?

Are you irritating your face in any way?

Are you being super gentle and slow when applying your products?

Please read the Biggest Mistakes page and comment:


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Hi brandy , just wanna say thanks for replying cos ive seen you helping out so many ppl , im sure we all appreciate it.

erm , well i dont put out on my finger cos i find it harder to apply but i imagine im using a fair amount all over my face, at least 3/4 to a full fingers worth. Like i said im not currently using a cleanser cos they all seem to dry me out a fair amount. I sometimes use normal soap but very very small amount. Nornally just wash my hands and then rinse my face with luke warm water. In the past ive used the Boots act wash bar that damo recomends. It is just my forehead that has become a major issue. Ive had long hair for years and my foreheads always had a few zits but since applying bp up there theres been far more. I havnt changed my shampoo or anything? confused.... i dont irritate , touch my face a lot etc , drink lots of water , take vitamins , apply bp twice daily and gently too. Is it give up time?

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