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BP wash. Why not?


I think I am starting to love BP because it is doing a lot for my acne.

So, I was wondering... why not to use a wash with BP?

Anybody uses something like this:


Few other questions:

Can someone explain me why a 2,5 % BP is better than a 5% or 10%?

How long does it take for the red marks left from old acne to fade?

Does BP help to prevent breakouts due to monthly hormonal changes?

Sorry about all the questions, but I am really looking for answers.

Sometimes, I think it is only a coincidence that BP is working, and I will wake up tomorrow morning with many new pimples and no hope!

Thank you,

Maria :D

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In general, washes are not on long enough to do much good. So a leave-on bp product has more time to work since it is left on the skin.

And studies have shown that 2.5% bp works just as well as the higher percentages in clearing acne, but with much less irriation over all.

So, that is why Dan recommends using the 2.5%bp with the Regimen.

Red marks from old breakouts will fade in time. The rate seems to vary from person to person. Some will fade fairly quickly and some seem to take a few months. Some people find spot-treating redmarks with an AHA lotion can help them resolve quicker, so that is something to consider once you are fully established on the Regimen and are clear. But by preventing acne you are at the same time preventing more red marks. Once the acne is under control, you can consider options for those red marks.

Good luck!

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