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Hey Guys,

I used to be a regular poster but cant get my old ID back.

A brief Introduction. I had acne when I was 16 tried various medicines some helped some did not . Accutane cleared it up when I was 22. After that got a few ppimples here and there but have large periods with no pimples. I am 27 now.

After that I started working on my scars. This is what I had done.

1.Chemical Peels (Dont know which ones but very strong) helped but was temporary

2.Dermabrasion (Did Absolutely Nothing worst decision ever)

3.TCA Cross Helped on a few scars but couldnt take weeks off work work

4.Fillers (Perlane Did help but lasted on;ly 4 months and Aquamid helps but an extra bumps)

Probably a few more I cant remember

I can finally live with fillers and my scars but red marks are just not going some have been tehre for years and mke my skin look horrible.Red marks fading will improve the look of my skin tremendously

Here is what I have done for red marks

1. Microdermabrasion (Think it worked a bit)

2. Copper Peptides ( Did not work)

3. ACV and Baking Soda (Dont think it worked)

4. Retin A and other creams did not work

I am currently doing a NG:Yag laser 1064 nm have done 2 session and will get the photographs from the derm on monday and will post them.

Probably a few more I cant remember

I have ordered bio oil so will try this but knowing my luck dont think it will work either.

Anyone have any comments please let me know. I am not going to stop trying.Thats my decision.

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Oh please tell more about the laser treatments you have - intervals between sessions, downtime, after-feeling... eberything :) and pics are very very looked forward to!

I'm going to have a similar treatment and want to know as much as possible.


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Oh yeah add Glycolic Acid and Baking Soda to the list. They didnt work for me either.

As you can see I have tried loads of things.

Anyways I am doing a ND:YAg Q-Switched Laser. I am currently inSingapore on a project so it is a lot cheaper than the UK but even 300 Sing per session is pinching me. I have had 2 sessions and have a session every week. The doc said take six and the seventh is free Then I go back to the UK. I can shift to the Cooltouch for the same price but would appreciate feedback if nayone has done it.

The laser takes about 2-3 minutes and is bearable. YOur face is slightly red but not very noticable. YOu scars look filled but it is swelling. The doc said after 7 treatmenst he expects 60-70% reduction in redmarks and 20% in scars but I take it all witha pinch of salt.

When he saw me for the second session he said wow its looking much better and I noticed nothng he took a few photographs before the second session and he will give me all the photographs wne I go to him next weeek. Will monitor it closely. WIll make up my mind if I want to continue after the next session

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Yeah they are indented.

But it is red which makes the scars look worse. I was reading the thread which says it may be a broken cappillery which means that the ND:YAG laser I am doing now may help.

Lets see fingers crossed

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Your case sounds like photofacial laser/photorejuvenation laser could help .Its extremely tough to remove scars and post acne marks.

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