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The Anti-Allergy Approach

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I've come up with a new theory about my acne that I hope will help it (and help yours as well). Food allergies... it's a very interesting concept. Some people break out in hives; some people's throats swell up; some say that acne is a sign of food allergies--I believe this may be the case. But, then again, some people say they get tested, remove the foods they're allergic to, and see limited results. I figure, I might as well try an anti-allergy approach.

I have figured out that when I eat bread I break out. I've eliminated that from my diet and most dairy as well. I limit meat intake and stay away from sugary food. But, I don't know what else I may be allergic to that I am currently eating... my acne has been largely reduced, but I am still getting new ones every now and then and between these new pimples and old scars, my face looks crappy!

So, to finally get to my point: I researched MSM after reading about its effects and read that it creates a "layer" in your stomach that prevents food allergies. Interesting! So, I decided to broaden it and look for other things that prevent allergies. I found a good website (http://www.naturaltherapycenter.com/HEALTH%20CONCERNS/allergies.htm) that listed a lot of things that help with food allergies. Among these are MSM, aloe vera juice, zinc, and vitamin c. When I went on vacation a month ago, I didn't get one pimple... I was taking B5 and drinking aloe vera juice. I stopped drinking aloe vera juice for some reason and started getting pimples again. Over vacation, I ate extremely unhealthy and drank alcohol as well. I'm hoping it was the aloe vera juice as I was drinking 16 oz. a day.

In conclusion, my new anti-allergy regimen:

-Diet (the dietary changes I spoke of)

-3,000 MG MSM daily

-3,000 MG Vitamin C (taken with the MSM, which is recommended)

-Alive! Multi-vitamin

-400 MG zinc

-16 oz. aloe vera juice (8 in morning, 8 at night)

-Broccomax (2 pills -- yeah, just trying it!)

-I'll probably add Germanium and maybe some other anti-allergy stuff from the web site

Hoooping for great results... I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions/whatever!

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