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Captain Planet1

Clear Skin Regimen Shipping time

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I was wondering how long a tube of Clear skin Regimen and Gentle Clenser took to ship. I ordered it a week ago and emailed em but no reply. Thanks

I ordered 3 tubes bp and cleanser and it still hasn't came yet(ordered bout a week and a half ago) I got an email confirmation that they recieved my payment though...

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Guest Michael Jackson

Same as aolforbroadband. I order some Monday, got it Wendsday

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Yeh, I used 2-5 days, it's been 10 and I aint fucking got it. Someone has messed up as the shipping address is Leeds, yet it's clearly Grimsby on my form.

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My apologies for the delay in getting to your inquiry. Not only have we started using a new shopping cart, but our distributor switched to a new shipping system. Needless to say we are both working out kinks in the systems and have been a bit backed up.

You should have received an email from Dan letting you know that we were having some technical difficulties so your order did not get processed as quickly as should have. We sent you an extra tube of the Clear Skin Regimen Gel with your order; with DHL tracking. According to DHL:

Again, I apologize for the delays and thank you for your understanding and business.

Take care,


Customer Service

[email protected]



Clear Skin, Inc.

guess that explains it

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Yeah, there have been some shipping delays and technical problems. I'm guessing that that Dan's products have been so popular that it's hard to keep up with the demand, and maybe they could use some more people behind the scenes handling orders.

But Dan and Mai-Stella seem like friendly and helpful people who want to make things right. So if there's an order problem, email them.

My order had been delayed a few days past when I had expected initiallly expected it, but to me the important thing is that now that I've got the Gel & Cleanser in hand, and have tried them, I'm pleased to report that the products were worth the wait. (And worth their weight...) : :clap: Bravo!

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