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How much power is consumed by the brain

Hoiw much of our food goes into brain power.

Our ancestors sent food to body/muscle power

"The average power consumption of a typical adult is about 100 W

"Although the brain accounts for less than 2% of a person's weight, it consumes 20% of the body's energy."


er.. I think you took a wrong turn.. This is a forum about acne you twit.

This forum is about diet/lifestyle :D

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ok, this is what i remember off the top off my head.

i've read in my nutritional textbook last year that studying(e.g. for a test) only burns a few calories

an hour, even though it seems very tiring. Not sure if that helps.

on a related/unrelated note, glucose from food is continually used to power the brain(the most important function of food). carbs are the best source toi meet

these glucose needs.

if you do not eat enough carbs a day(which is a good source of glucose), the body will steal muscle from

the body and convert it to glucose(this conversion is inefficient and not much glucose is gained from muscle conversion)

ok, i sidetrackked a little there but what i'm saying is that if you've working out and want to build muscle, you gotta eat carbs otherwise you just lose muscle(to feed the brain)

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Melbournebloke, so I see you haven't died in a fire yet. How much power do my gonads use? Give up?

Answer: 1.21 Jiggawats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You gotta be up to what, like 50 posts per day now?

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It's relevant where people go on ance diets and consume 1000calories or less a day and they wonder why they feel bad and can't think straight or why they are anxious, etc... Feed your brain people!

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