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Did u know that those scars on ppls faces were from acne before acne started bothering u?

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I remember untill I was probably 17 (I'm 19 now) or so that I actually really didnt know that all these scars on ppls faces were from acne. My dad has a lot of terrible acne scarring but I never really thought about them and just assumed they were injuries that he got from his boxing days(he used to be a boxer). And then I would always watch Jet Li movies and never actually saw anything wrong with his face until day where they closed up on his face and my mom saw the scar on his nose and she said "wow he had bad acne as a kid" and i was like kinda confused, I really didnt even know wut she meant but it got me thinking. And then the second time was when I watched the Matrix and my mom mentioned the same thing about Morpheus acne scars and then I just thought, my dad had the same kind of scars on his face. Then I started noticing it on ppl on school, at public places, and even some more actors.

My point is that I know theres a lot of ppl on this site with scars and that it bothers them. But I really think that most ppl don't even notice them that much(unless they're some stuck up superficial ppl). And even when ppl do notice I think they see the scars kind of as sign that theyre tough and badass. Like the person is a fighter or is a hardcore skater or biker or wutever and cut up on his face... I mean thats what I used to think and it wasn't unattractive at all, it was kinda cool actually.

I'm just sayin that don't worry if u have scars because most ppl don't think that "Oh that person had bad acne" cuz they don't really know where ur scars came from, and if they happen to know then they're probably someone who has dealed with acne themselves and they understand.

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i never really even noticed honestly. now of course i look at peoples skin all the time and i can tell when an older person had acne. i have plently of scars and dont really mind them, it's the red marks that suck. alot of girls think scarring can be hott too :cool:

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