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:| I got on Yasmin 5 weeks ago because I heard it was good for acne. All was well til I got my period, my first one in two years because I was pregnant, then nursing. The last two weeks I've broken out quite a bit. Lots of cysts, too. I was wondering if it was worse since I haven't gotten a period in so long. Maybe it'll clear up when my hormones balance out from the newfound period schedule again. Anybody have any idea?

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See what happens next month. Probably does have something to do with you not having a period in a long time. The Yasmin certainly won't make it worse. Plus, you don't have to have your period on Yasmin if you don't want to--just don't take the spacer pills!

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Welcome to Yasmin and to motherhood!

Odds are your hormones are pretty out of whack right now. Many women break out post-partum because androgens (which had been suppressed throughout pregnancy and nursing due to all the estrogen) surge. It may take your hormones several months to become regular again.

My suggestion is that you skip the placebo pills and take only active pills. I've been doing this for six months now, upon my gyno's suggestion. During the placebo week, hormone levels drop (which causes the fake period), which can cause comedones to form under your skin's surface. Because comedones take about 3-4 weeks to come to the surface in the form of pimples (or sometimes, for us unlucky ones, cysts), often women will break out around the week before or the week of their period.

If you skip the placebo pills and take only active pills, then, your hormones will remain perfectly consistent all month. It's possible that they may regulate themselves more quickly in your case if you take only active pills. Also, you'll be able to skip your monthly breakout and your monthly period. Pretty great, huh?

Talk to your gyno about skipping the placebo pills and see what she thinks about it.

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