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Why the need to wait 15 minutes between wash, BP and moisturize

My routine:

Wash: 10-15 seconds, pat dry

wait about 2 minutes


wait about 2 minutes

Apply BP

I know I flip flopped the BP and Moisturizer but, this works better for me, cant really explain. I only do this at night. During the day, I only wash and moisturize. Im pretty clear, about 80%. I mainly have uneven skin, a little irritated, but no active pimples.

Would it be beneficial to follow the 15 minute rule between steps?

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Guest nec77

im pretty sure your face just has to be dry before you do the next step. just make sure you take your time with the BP and put it on your face gently untill it dries.

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The 15 minute rule after washing makes sure that the BP doesn't go on your face too liquidy. If I have any residual moisture on my face or fingers when applying BP, it takes forever to get it to absorb. Also, your face can be irritated after washing if you use a particularly drying wash or bar, and the 15 minutes gives your skin time to settle down.

The 15 minutes rule after applying BP seems to make moisturizers go on much better for me. If the BP on my face still has some stickiness to it and isn't feeling dry and powdery, then my moisturizer will clump up a lot more. The longer I wait, the better the moisturizer absorbs into my skin. I think the time is worth it, but I use BP twice a day and need my skin to look good and not full of BP/moisturizer crumbles.

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