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how does doxycycline work exactly?

I was wondering if any one knows specifically how doxycycline works.

i know it's an antibiotic and disables a certain protien bacteria need to multiply.

I also know that antibiotics work either very broadly or specifically on certain strains of bacteria and can also cause good bacteria to stop multiplying.

but i guess i really want to know how something that i ingest affects a bacteria that is on my skin and also effects the flora in my intestine?

are skin flora and intestinal flora somehow connected?

how does it stop acne bacteria on my skin?

lots of hard questions i know.

but thanks for your help.

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Some good info and references (though take Wikipedia with a grain of salt): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doxycycline

Yes, but the grain of salt on Wikipedia is much smaller for scientific articles than general articles... Make sure you always check the discussion section so that you know the people who wrote the article know their stuff.

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The scientific articles are usually the most objective articles on Wikipedia, unless the subject is something debatable.

Check in Goodman & Gilman's, 10th ed. If I have time, I will do it for you.


-Roaccutane Science: http://max001.proboards42.com

-Retinoid signaling, etc.

-FDA Advisory Committee on Accutane (2000)

-Accutane package label (2005)

-Package label history

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