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I'm wondering if anyone has a good product that they use for oily skin, that doesn't overdry and make their face feel tight and cracked.

My skin is really oily right when I wake up, but if I wash it, it overdries and will crack when I eat, or smile. Usually I use a facial wipe with salicylic acid, and then BP cream which takes away the shine for a little while. Throughout the day, however, without fail, it gets super oily.

I'd love to find a product that actually DOES control oil without overdrying. Something they all seem to promise, but I've never found anything, or any procedure, that really works.


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i heard vitamin B5 helps. and accutane is the only thing that will make ur skin stop secreting all that oil. try using oil blotting paper? every1 seems to talk about it. i on the other hand (before i was on accutane i had super oily skin) just used to use a paper towel or my sleeve, forearm if it was clean. only on my forehead however, i never managed to breakout there until my tane IB

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dont take B5 unless u want to take 20 pills a day .. and onc eu stop it all comes back anyways ... I hear Vitamin A works great and the strongest forms of it that are OTC that i know of are .. Green Cream, Derma E Reintyl Palmitate and the Vitamin Cure .. I just started using the Derma E Gel yesterday .. and it does a great job for mositurizing ur face. It says for wrinkles but at the bottom says great for OILY and Blemished Prone skin!

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