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Hmmm...I think i might have figured this out.....

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Okay...so around my hubby's bday I began to have this huge breakout. I mean....it was horrible, both sides of my face, along my jawline, places I hadn't broken out since I was 14( I am 30). Hell, places I have never broken out before.

Before this I used to get my monthly breakouts around my period. Maybe a few large papules that would go away in about a week or so. That is it. Well a week or two before my hubby's bday I decided...."I want to do something about my acne...I want clear skin. No more breakouts and no more hyperpigmentation..." Ha...ever heard of the saying...things can always be worse?

Well I went to the derm....actually the esthetician (sp?). Before that I had been going to the same office with this derm. and using his products, which were at least keeping my acne controlled. Well she told me to stop using his prodcuts and start using something else that they manfactured. I did that...for almost 4 weeks. I began to breakout BADLY. The jump off I should call it. Huge bumps and cysts....I called, she claimed that prodcuts don't make you break out and to keep using it. I did..for about 2 days...then I just was like this isn't right. Then I went to Proactiv cus I was DESPERATE. Used that for two weeks/three weeks. Did not work. Took that crap back. Went to another doctor who prescribed Reint-A and Minocycline....but the horror stories of both from here kinda scared me so I started using tea tree oil, a toner and BP. MISTAKE. Now I have a cluster of papsules/blackheads on the left side of my face that just don't want to seem to go away. Reading up on here I think they are clogged pores. Great.

Now I have WAY more hyperpigmentation then I started out with which is horrible seeing as how I am dark skinned. I just want to shoot that damned esthetician cuz it seems like she started me on this hell road. I am now thinking whatever products she gave me irritated my skin, OR didn't help my skin and led it to its first major breakout. IMO my diet has nothing to do with it because I ate junk food daily, drank pop, ate fried foods, etc before and still only had my monthly cycle breakouts.

I am kinda at a loss now on what to do to get my skin clear...or at least to stop this major breakout that it has been on for the past two months. I started taking the Minocycline thinking it would help...but I can't tell yet if it has been....(it has been about a week and a half). I am using a tea tree soap bar, neutrogena mask, neutrogena rapid clear, netutrogena clear pore toner. I know someone said Green Cream, but I have Reint-A which I think is kinda of the same, and have a similar effect. At this age though I am just not feeling the whole "intial breakout" thing lasting for weeks on top of the fact that I just started a new job.

Any ideas? I am going back to the derm in about a month and a half.

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