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This is unbelievable...........

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For three weeks now........

I have used absolutely no BP.

I haven't washed my face with any type of soap or cleansers.

The wierd thing is, my face has cleared up dramatically and this is the best my face has looked in 4 years. I have two tiny pimples and that's it.

The only thing that I do is take a shower every morning and before I go to bed and apply moisturizer every hour or so when I'm at home. My moisturizer is Suave (contains aloe) and it comes in a big squirt bottle. My redness has also subdued somewhat. I just can't believe how much my face has cleared up so I guess I just had to share it with you guys. Anyways, have a nice day.

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This is a common effect. I experienced it myself and I think some more people did (see the thread about "stopping the regimen temporarily" on this message board). You might experience extreme oilyness, dryness and aggravation of acne in the times ahead or you might have already had this? (Does it sound familiar?). If you continue to leave the BP and other medication except for the moisturizer alone I strongly believe it will improve. Its been a while since I stopped the regimen and although I have more bumps than ever before, my red marks and damaged skin/lizard skin has dissappeared. I am actually quite convinced that a few bumps are less of a aesthetic problem than the redness induced by the BP/medication. Its quite possible that your body can deal with acne on itself, please continue not using the BP and please update how you are doing. I´d be very interested to hear, and I am sure I´m not the only one :X

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Guest fatman_uk

When i did this i had similar results, as in NO breakouts over the week that i did it, but my skin was quite oily. So now i dont use BP as a 'spot fighter' as such.... more of a 'skin dryer' to balance it, hehe. :X


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So, would you say, for anyone who is using any type of acne medicine, take a break from it for a day or two, to let your skin "rest."???

I want to lay off my medicine for a while, but I am afraid of getting new pimples.

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Yes, I have had similar instances such as this too.

I once went on a hiking/fishing trip and I couldn't really do my entire regimen like at home because I was in the mountains with only river water to bathe and wash my face. I only used water from the river and a cleansing bar to wash my face in the morning. Amazingly my face stayed clear without my toner, BP, exfoliants, masks, hydraters etc.

When I got back home I was glad to finally shave and take a warm shower and use my masks and other skin products and sit in my jacuzzi with my big TV, you know the things you miss when you are out in the outdoors. Well, the next day I broke out like a motherfu#*er. I guess it was that my skin was reacting to the products since I hadn't used them for a week. Everything came to the surface I guess, like when you get a facial at a spa. Now, when I go on a trip even if it is outdoors I bring my entire line of products and I don't give a shit what people think.

It sucks that I have to do that but it's what I have to do to keep clear skin. I can stop for a few days and it's alright but I don't like to take chances so I always stick to my regimen every day so I can keep my skin flawless.

I guess you just have to do a regimen in moderation. Don't obssess over your skin and over do it, but don't just totally abandon it also.

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