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Swollen face from BP - Help!

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Hi guys. I've been on the Regimen for about 6 months and have pretty much cleared all my acnes. I stopped using BP for a few weeks, just to balance my skin natural moisture again - cuz you know how it gets dry etc - and a few days ago I put BP on again becauce I felt some pimples errupting, but while I was sleeping I got woken up many times because my face was so itchy #-o and when I woke up the areas where I'd applied BP on were competely red and swollen - as if I'd gone mad with the blush or something. Could it be that I've suddenly become allergic to BP? This is really bad because I don't know whether I will still be getting pimples but if I do then I won't be able to use BP anymore, due to the itchiness and stuff. Has anyone out there ever experienced the same thing? I'm really worried. sad.gif

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Yeah, but you never had the swelling until you took up the BP after a few weeks off the regimen? That's odd. If you were allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, you should have been getting the redness and swelling the first time! I guess it's *possible* to develop an allergy after the fact, but... Dan is right, though. If it keeps up, see a doc for sure to rule out allergy.

Good luck!

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Hello guys, thanks for the reply. I have tried applying BP on the skin on my stomach and it doesn't develop the same reaction I got from my face. Could it be that I'm only allergic on the face? This is so weird.

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You know what? It sounds like you were probably itching at your face all night in your sleep. That's probably what caused the swelling and redness. You said so yourself that you woke up a few times because your face was so itchy. And the itchiness most likely came about because you stopped using BP for awhile, and it took a bit longer for your skin to get used to stopping cold turkey on the cream and then the assault back on it. I've had a few incidences when I've scratched at a bite or rash all night long in my sleep and woke up to have it sore, red, and tender. That's what it's sounding like to me. Just ease your face back onto the BP by using less at first.

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Hi Roger,

What you have explained made sense... When I am asleep I seem to only feel the itchiness but not the soreness so when I wake up in the morning it was very surprising seeing my cheeks all red and swollen. I have not started using BP again yet, because I am still afraid that the same thing might happen again. I am thinking that maybe instead of using it at night I will use it in the morning so at least when I'm itchy I will be conscious and can control my scratching my face! Thanks for the reply.

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