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this is something that has been on my mind lately and i thought it would be a good thing to post.

Observer bias is something to consider when you are reading about someone elses findings, and also while observing your own findings with a new product , drug, diet , or supplement for your acne.

But that is what is so beautiful about a forum like this. It allows us to compare our findings in hopes to eliminate any observer bias and hopefully find truth.

here is an excerpt from wikipedia:

Observer bias

The related social-science term observer bias is error introduced into measurement when observers overemphasize behavior they expect to find and fail to notice behavior they do not expect. This is why medical trials are normally double-blind rather than single-blind. Observer bias can also be introduced because researchers see a behavior and interpret it according to what it means to them, whereas it may mean something else to the person showing the behavior. See subject-expectancy effect and observer-expectancy effect.

more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer_bias

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Good post. The guy who helped cure my acne always said 'try it and judge by your results' and this got me where I am today.

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good point. i've been a dummy for this before - posting regimens which claimed to get me 95% clear etc when it was really just wishful thinking. I went back to correct myself after realising what i'd done.

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in a nutshell thats what it is -wishfull thinking.

But it is also necessary that you dont lose your enthusiam because it contributes to the process of elimination!!!!

thomas edison said that when inventing the light bulb he didnt fail 1000 times , he found 1000 ways Not to make a light bulb!!!

when trying out a new product or supplement, if i dont notice a change in at least a month i scrap it.and on to the next.

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