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VitaCure B5 ClearSkin Acne Formula

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Im looking into buying the b5 but in a powder form much easier for me than taking all those pills because im constantly on the go and what not... http://www.b5clearskin.com/vitb5clear.html heres a link to the place to buy it i was jus wondering if anyone had any initial breakouts while taking it and how long it took them to get clear off of the recommened dosages... which is RECOMMENDED USAGE:

We recommend you take 3 teaspoons (approximately 10 grams) of VitaCure B5 ClearSkin as a dietary supplement per day (spread out in 3 doses with meals throughout the day) until acne clears, then ½ teaspoon (approximately 1.5 grams) per day thereafter.

Also if anyboyd actually got clear and broke out even worse a little bit after...?'


Trevor :wacko:

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anyone :[ im really tempted to order this stuff seeing as how I can't go a week without getting 2-3 new pimples..

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Someone on the board swears by vitamin b5 in 12 g per day but I do not remember whom, (s)he even had a very helpful site set up.

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I haven't actually used the powder, but I use the pills of this brand and it is fantastic.

I had my initial breakout after about 3 weeks. It lasted about one month. And I was clear after 3 months, and my acne was pretty severe on my face. I took maximum dosage for the whole 3 months (10g). After 3 months, instead if taking a maintenance dosage like it tells you to do, i came off the B5 because I figured I was clear and didn't need it anymore. Stupid ol' me!!!! I broke out worse than before the B5!

I went back on B5, it took twice as long to clear the second time around, but I am almost there now. I am not completely clear yet, but I can walk around and not try to hide my face!

Just remeber, when you start taking it, take the recommended dosage EXACTLY as it says. Take it with meals and take a multi vitamin B Complex. Do everythign as it says, and you will be clear in no time!!!

Good luck!

If you need to know anything else, just ask! :D

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I saw these medications on an ONLINE PHARMACY and guess what? They are all for acne. Once you go on that site, you can find out about the different aspects of the drug. Someone talked about VitaCure B5 ClearSkin , but I believe it is not the only medication available for acne. You should all try searching for others. I use Tetralysal, and it does keep the acne under control. Has anyone of you used it? I purchase all my medications on the site above, and it provides fascinating service!!









Hope this information helps you!!

drugdelivery.ca the BEST!!

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