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Bowel Cleansing

Hi ive been on this bowel cleansing program for 8 days now and the last 2 days ive been breaking out like crazy , also in places wich i normaly dont get zits like my forhead ..

Feeling kinda blue at the moment

I havent changed my diet so i think this is because im cleaning out the junk in my body

Anyone with experince of this ?

Also im thinking of doing some kind of fast to let the body rest , anyone with some pointers to some good fasting products?


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There are definitely two interesting views on fasting... Its healthy/its not healthy.

I decided I'd give it a go and fasted for twelve days on just water about 4 months ago while doing a detox program with herbs.

After the 5th day, I was fine. There can be some detox symptoms such as nausia and vomiting.

It scared me when I started vomiting... :P I decided to take a vitamin supplement each day since the body doesnt store them and let my body use my fat storages. I was not too worried about lack of protein since I have muscles and didn't mind if they were disassembled and used for my brain ;). I thought they were too large anyway ;)

I drank only water and was lethargic the first 3ish days.

The best thing I've discovered for detoxing is going to a raw-food retreat. usually they are about 4 hours away and you must stay there for 3 days (the entire weekend). You learn so much about nutrition... its amazing. My boyfriend and I went there expecting to ge given a plate full of carrots and celery :P. In fact we skipped out on the first two meals. However, out of desperation, we finally decided to stick around for dinner.... and what a surprise. 5 course meals - "Zuchini Alfredo," "sprouted salad" ... The raw foods were delicious - raw pizza with dehydrated buckwheat crust, raw veggie soups, raw dressings on your salads -- I had no idea that so much could be eaten raw. For me the experience was amazing. I wanted to live there forever - with the gormet raw food chef. In fact, when I returned home, I didnt really eat for 3 days afterwards because all of my choices were cooked... and I'd lost my taste for cooked food. It was bland compared to the flavor bursting raw foods! Yummmmmm! However some of the other women there became pretty sick on the raw food because they were REALLY detoxing and had never really eaten any raw foods. They were buisness women who lived on coffee, eating out at restaurants, mochas, sodas and used to having meat in every meal. So they felt like they were starving to death when they were given sprouted salads and no animal proteins -- not even cheese or milk. It was raw vegan. So it REALLY detoxed some people and was a huge change in their daily habit.

The chef was very fun and sweet... and here is a link to her site: http://yesimgumus.blogspot.com/

There is a great raw food resort in the south of Ontario near Perth -- you live and sleep there and eat there for three days for $150 per person for 3 days. The meals were really gormet - 5 course meals.

I did that after I fasted and I loved the raw food detox a lot better. :):)

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Its more then healthy to detox...done right!! spots mainly occur as a 'cleansing reaction' due to detoxing as the body is (normally eating nothing) expelling all the waste, cell debry and toxins all over the body as a big spring clean! (hence spring clean, u are meant to detox in spring like most other animals)

Whats happening is your liver cannot deal with all of these toxins being released so fast...so it pushes them out via the skin breath kidneys etc...so in reality these spots are a good sign that you are infact detoxing! Its interesting to note if your liver is working 100% then you can throw any amount of toxins at it and you will feel fine, no headaches sickness spots etc...but if it is hampered then even small amounts of toxins can cause a cold and any other cleansing reactions. (I spent a few weeks at a detox camp)

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I forgot to mention that I also used flora lax a few times... just because it sticks to the insides of the intestines and suctions out some of the toxins. It has no nutrional value whatsoever and is not digested. It does make you feel a little fuller and also cleans out toxins at the same time.

Hey, what kind of detox retreat did you go to? Was it just fasting? Was it raw food? How many days did you do it and did you like it? :)

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