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Your best Acne treatment

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Hey I was just wondering if people wouldnt mind sharing there most successfull Acne treatments. Like what creams, drugs, diets, e.t.c were most helpful in geting rid of Acne for you. Ive had Acne for about 6 years or so now and ive tryed pretty much everything and still have considerable acne on my face. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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i didnt even have bad acne really.. moderate i would say or mild.. nothing really got me clear tho, benziclin, minocycline, tetriocycline, that crap they show on tv all the time with jessica simpson spokeswomening it(proactive i think),terozorac etc. nothing got me clear until i went on accutane, and i havnt really had any pimples since i got off accutane 9 months ago. Now if they only told me my Nose+upper cheeks would be red for 9 months after accutane I would of probably never used it haha.

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duac gel is the only thing that has reduced my acne, not caused redness and has hardly any flaking :)

best prescription BP gel even though its 5% :) works wonders.

i used to use lymecycline tablets, but my doctor stopped them as they made my skin extremely photosensitive and i would sun burn like everyday even with SPF 25 :(

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Monocycline got me clear in two months, but i didn't want to use it cause of all the steps i had to follow, plus i could've gotten yellow teeth... Anyways, i just didn't want to use it, Clear Skin Regimen is helping me a lot, i have moderate acne with some scaring unfortunatly, and also some large pores on my nose and under my eyes. Currently i have like one active pimple and some that are going away, i'll be finishing my third week this monday and begining my fourth. So we'll see how things go.

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