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The mission, if you choose to accept it...I do,

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I've "manually moved this" myself from he Clear Skin Regimen forum as I am using a Retonoid. Mods, if you find my topic in the CSR forum, feel free to delete it and leave this one:

I found this website at about 01:00 hours GMT on Tuesday 28 June 2006 and I am calling this day, Day Zero. I spent all night pouring through the pages and oh I'ma believer not a sceptic!! smile.gif Thanks to Brandys advice the next day, this is my Regimn and this is my diary:

Day Zero minus 1


1. Shaving with the Philishave coolskin razor - i find it less irratating than blades http://www.coolskin.philips.com/

2. Washing with Simple "oil control" Regulating Exfoliator Wash--this is oil & acohol free. Not sure if its non comedogenic (it doesnt say, but I have emailed them to find out)

2. Moisturising with Simple "oil control" moisturiser . this is oil & acohol free. Not sure if its non comedogenic (it doesnt say)

3. Taking one tetralysal (tetracycline) tablet (on month 3 of 6 month course)


1. Washing with Simple "oil control" Regulating Exfoliator Wash

2. Applying a genrous amount of Retin A 0.025% Cream - been using this for 3 months with no improvement

my skin is a MESS

. I have about 7 active whiteheads on my chin and cheeks and many little and some not so little red marks and millions of blackheads on my chin & cheeks. My skin is oily and out of control

Day Zero

I find this website and Brandy convinces me to use retin A at night and BP in the morning (dont worry I will ask my doctor). I come up with the following temporary solution with what I have in the house and order Dans BP and Cleanser


1. Shaving with the Philishave coolskin razor

2. Washing with Simple "oil control" Regulating Exfoliator Wash

3. Applying a thick layer of Quinoderm Cream 10% (its the only one i have)

2. Moisturising with Nivea Oil Control Moisturiser

3. Taking one tetralysal (tetracycline) tablet (on month 3 of 6 month course)


1. Washing with Simple "oil control" Regulating Exfoliator Wash

2. Applying a genrous amount of Retin A 0.025% Cream

Already even on day Zero my skins feels healthier and my spots look like their dying!!!! smile.gif

I'm liking this feeling. Shin feels a bit burned though, prob from the Quinoderm 10%

Day One

Same Regimn as Day One as the chemist doesnt stock Quinoderm 5%,also I couldnt find any of the recommended cleansers... grrrrrr..will look in boots tomorrow/friday and also see if i can get the 4%BP peeps have been talking about

On the plus side my skin feels amazing!!!! a good bit of peeling but feels great. still 7 pimples - but they look like they are dying. black heads still there look less threatening. It just feels better - did anyone find this on the CSR?? night all

Day Five

well things have disimproved since the early optimism. I have 3 new whiteheads on my cheeks , one on my upper lip always better than lower lip i find), 4 in my bearded area and 2 on my neck.

worst of all i have a new monster zit on my chin, about 4mm wide. it feels like its at the surface only but its raised. it was filled with puss yesterday so i popped it but i woke this morning with it filled again. I dapped it with warm water and salt but its looking angry and horrible..ugghhhhhh

Right i can tell that this business of skin care is not going to be cheap . i found quinoderm 5% but i made a mistake with the face wash, bought biore with salicyclic acid..aghhh. ...back to using the simple oil control with exfoliating until i find a better cleanser. hope dans order arrives soon

also i bought nivea oil control moisturiser that could be fine but i should have bought the Eurcerin.

oh and I just bought the Lumiport pen , in a bit of a panic..http://www.lumiport.com

wish me luck with that.

not feeling great right now.

Day Six

things feeling better today, all the whiteheads are still there from yesterday but they are dying again - my whiteheads are usually only "alive" for max 2 days. oh and my monster zit, is now showing signs of death too--its still raised but no longer filled with puss, it has crusted over

I really feel CAKING myself in the BP in the morning and CAKING myself in the Retin A at night is working

Dans cleanser and BP arrived. wahooooo!!!!

oh and Sharapova won in the tennis smile.gif

Day 27

Right long time since an update, but good news is I've pretty much kept up the regime with a few tweaks

i've been using the Gilette sensor excel had breakouts again in the shaving area so i might switch back to the philishave coolskin tomorrow and give it a solid two weeks.

my skin has been up and down in 4 weeks since i started the regime but overall is so so so much better (thanks Dan smile.gif )

Right now my regime is


Dans Cleanser

Shave with Philishave Coolskin razor

Dans BP 2.5%

Nivea Visage Oil Control Moisturiser


Dans Cleanser

Retin A 0.025%

I've found Dans gel to be wonderful , the cleanser great (although worried it has SLS in it) and the Nivea moisturiser perfect for me (I have oily skin so cant go for eucerin dry skin relief, my skin is not dry at all)

My skin has varied from no whiteheads to a max of about 6 and seems to go from clear to spotty in weekly cycles, - for some reason i always end up in work on monday with pimples, and go home on friday evening pretty clear!! one explanation of this might be that during the weekend of partying etc, I forget to do part of the routine, for example:

on sat night i fell asleep on the bed, forgot to wash or put on the retin A, woke up at 10am washed, put on BP and the fell asleep without moisturising...woke up at 2pm and then moisturised and then got up!

anyway its monday night so I have 3 active whiteheads, two that i popped earlier (I have to stop doing that) and loads of red marks everywhere. also I have loads of invisible whiteheads (maybe about 4 on my forehead, 10 on my left cheek, NONE on my right (?), 6 on the left side of my chin) that will prob turn into proper whiteheads any day now

renewed my 70 Euro prescription for retin A cause I am not giving up on it - maybe the last tube if it doesnt work will stick with BP if it doesnt work

Latest is looked in the mirror and the whitehead I squeezed on my chin has turned into a horrible pimple

struggling but will soldier on. optimistic.

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Day 32

You know I am really starting to notice the little bumps at the surface of my skin, in the last 5 days my skin has suffered serious breakout in the cheek and chin areas and I am getting loads of little clear bumps between my eyebrows.

As it happens since today is Sunday, my skin is feeling good and i have only three active pimples, no whiteheads and lots of red marks following monday and tuesdays serious breakouts. I've been popping and squeezing any whiteheads going, i really really have to stop that :(

I also have so many invisible bumps on my left cheek and left hand side of my chin. i wonder why my left side?

I wonder will i suffer my usual bad monday again? Jeez I missed an application for retin A on thursday following a mad night out with work..ahhh

do any of you guys recommend a product to go with retin A that I am not currently using?


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DAY 34

changed to the traditional regimen of BP only with immediate results.

Day 36

flip side i think my forehead has gotten worse but i think all those blackheads and clear bumps (known as milia..look it up on google) are causded by overuse of product. might apply thinner amount of bp to forehead

the retin A was bringing way too much to the surface and just did not seem worth it. i gave it 3 months .since i switched i have had NO new acitve zits on previous problem area of chin and cheeks. existing couple are from old retin a regime. clear bumps on cheek seem to have disapearred

dans regime works straight away so why bother wih retin a. downside is i've just bought a new retin a eur71 retin a tube ah well.

one more update the dermastyle arrived.pretty underwhelmed . dont think its working at all. then again its a pain holding a pen to my face for hours. sorry about the typing, its hard to type one handed (pen to face). ha ha

QUOTE(Pimp Lessuck @ Jul 29 2006, 11:35 PM) *

Hey man, I was just wondering about a couple things. How is your face taking to the Retin A and BP regime. Ive heard that Retin A will help with brown/red marks... have you noticed. Another thing is... How is your nivea moisturizer working for you. I have cetaphil now but my face is just getting really oily all the time. take its easy

Nivea Moisturiser is brilliant btw if you have oily skin. It moisturises just enough without creating excess oil, I think its a very weak moisturiser but very good for your skin, ie its oil free and non comodegenic. Dont think I will switch until Dans moisturiser comes out and even then , if I prefer Nivea I will be straight back to Nivea.

The 4 success stories of my regimn so far have been:

Dans Cleanser

Philishave Coolskin Razor

Dans BP

Nivea Moisturiser

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