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I pretty much want to fade a redmark on my forehead by about 50% or more within five weeks.

Here's the source of the redmark: I had a pimple there and it bust open and bled. I treated it with Neosporin and whatnot but the redmark is still there. I applied direct pressure to stop the bleeding and kept my hands away, so I think we're in good shape there.

But it's been almost three weeks and the red mark is still there. I tried adding Aloe Vera for about a week and it didn't seem to do that much, but I probably made the mistake of putting Duac on after I used the Aloe Vera.

I started applying Neosporin to this mark a few days ago.

Just yesterday I began taking multivitamins, as I realized I didn't get that much Vitamin E. (I'm not sure what foods it is in other than peanut butter, but I try to avoid peanut butter since it has a lot of fat in it).

Here's what my routine had been for a long time...keep in mind I've had these red marks in the past and they have usually taken only about five weeks to fade but this one seems more stubborn than usual.

MORNING: Shower, use Brevoxyl wash on face, apply no creams afterwards

AFTERNOON: Wash with Cetaphil

EVENING: Wash with Brevoxyl, apply Duac

Also, I refuse to adjust my diet other than those vitamins. My mother has been a registered nurse for almost 30 years, has read numerous times that food does not cause acne/redmarks, and even found that fact for me in the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, which is supposedly the authority of medical books.

With the vitamins, I was limited to the Flinstones Complete. I don't swallow pills (please don't knock me for that; I have a very narrow esophagus and any time one goes down it's very discomforting and I've gotten them in my trachea before, so I really can't take them). It has 100% of everything in it.

I am also staying away from oral meds, especially Accutane. I'm depressed right now since I hate college and attempting to fighting it off naturally. I don't need anything else to interfere. If preferred, I would like to steer clear of prescription creams since I have yet to find a dermatologist who is honest in this area. I get all my other meds through my PCP.

Even though I'm a guy, I am willing to get concealer if there is no progress by the last week of August. For now I can wear hats, but I have to go back to stupid college so I want it gone or at least noticeably faded (which is probably more realistic for five weeks time) by then. Even if the redness is 50% reduced it won't be all that noticeable so it would be better than what it is now.

A few other things I've thought of:

-I've got an oily forehead but the rest of me isn't quite as bad. Any thought on the oil being a cause of redmarks not fading on the forehead as quickly as other places?

-Perhaps it's my razor that works on the other areas. I rarely get any acne in the areas I have to shave. If I start shaving my forehead where there is no hair, is there a chance any will grow?

-Would Dermabrasion help red marks at all? Or should I just use it on that scar on my temple, which isn't as noticeable as the redmark and is hardly a concern to me?

-If I go swimming, how should I approach this so it doesn't prolong the red mark? I've got very fair skin and I burn even with SPF45.

My big questions are these:

-Using my current routine as a template, when should I apply the aloe vera?

-How about the Neosporin? Currently I am spot treating in the afternoon once I'm home.

-Should I perhaps cut out one of the Brevoxyl washes and replace it with Cetaphil?

-How about exfoliation? Any home remedies good for this?

-Would Vitamin E topical gel be good?

-I have a tube of Retin A that I used to help fade the aforementioned scar. Results there happened in about four weeks. I really don't like using it but would it work at all?

-Would there be any other good over the counter remedies for this stuff? Moisturizers for fading this?

I know this is long, but I didn't want to skip any details.

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Anyone? Sorry to rush the response, but I want to know by Tuesday in case I have to pick up some stuff at the drug store or K Mart.

I talked to my mom (the nurse) about it, and she has the same type of skin as me. She had this same kind of mark and said that it should go away in five weeks? Do I trust my mother here and give it time or should I try to speed this up a litte?

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I beleive jessfoliation is best method for red marks, works wonders on mine, probably have a red mark for a week or so after by using that method every other or every third day. Maybe you could look into that?

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Yes, I was considering that, actually. I have the Cetaphil so I'm in good shape (I think Jessfoliation is the one that uses Cetaphil). I have the thread bookmarked somewhere so I can always look back to it.

One question--what sort of brush do you recommend? I want something that won't set me back a ton but will be soft and effective.

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