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Question about accutane and taking other medications

Ive had obsessive compulsive disorder for years (repeating rituals, etc...) and im finally taking a small dose of lexipro and going to a pyschitrist for it. I was on accutane over a year ago for 5 months, and it was an awesome experience, great results. Now hopefully im cured, but im just wondering here...if I ever needed accutane again, I told my pyschiatrist about it and she said its perfectly fine to concurrently take two things and she has patients that do it. As far as the dermatologist, when they ask you the standard "are you taking other medications" should I just not tell them? Id like it to be more of a private matter between me and my pyschiatrist and she can monitor me & id tell her if there were any issues. My question is this, can a dermatologist say anything to a grown adult who wants to take the medicine...i dont want them judging me or thinking that I cant handle it or something. Plus ive gotten the approval of my physciatrist who would be monitoring me anyway. When you get your labs done, could they find out that you were on another med?

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Personally, I wouldn't lie about other medications you're taking with your doctor. Accutane is very strong medicine and I would personally want my derm. to be as well-informed as possible. Information about what medications you're taking should be kept confidential, and would only help your derm. make a more informed decision IMHO.

If your derm gets cautious when you mention the medication, you can reassure him/her that your pyschiatrist is aware of the possibility of accutane, believes it will not be a problem, and will be monitoring you regularly (as it sounds like she will be doing from your original post).

As far as it showing up on blood tests, it depends entirely on what blood tests your derm. wants to check, as well as how your medication affects your body.

Not telling your derm. what medications you are on is lying, and might prevent them from making a well-informed decision about what is right for you. Be open and honest with your derm, and give them all the information they need to make an informed decision - but thats just my opinion.

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