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Hi, just wondering if anyone can help - i've got really pale skin and i use fake tan a lot of the time, like St Tropez or Lancome's Flash Bronzer.

But I was looking at some pictures from a night out with some mates and i noticed i had the most tanned body there :cool: , but the palest face!!!!!!! :shock: !!!!

Ive never used fake tan on my face - ive been using acne treatments since i was 13 (6yrs ago) and most of the topical treatments have been based around benzoyl peroxide. My skin is sometimes a bit flaky and i think i probably lose the skin on my face in patches, so i've always been too scared to try fake tan on the face.

Has anyone tried it? im not sure if the tan might get discoloured from the benzoyl peroxide and all the other ingredients in my acne treatments too.

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unsure, as you suspect that you get flaky patchs. You could try testing a patch, if you hair allows or by using treatments on the underside of your arm to see whether it would have the same effect. I normally dilute the fake tan by half with moisterisor(sorry dyslexic and cant be assed to sp. check) and that gives a very light effect you could build up. Lemon juice is great for getting rid of fake tan if you want (like annoying pesky bits that allows get on your hands). And St Tropez is by far the best.

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I use a bronzing powder on my face and it really does give you a tanned look without using self tanner. The one that I use is Cornsilk Blushing Bronzer (the loose one, not the pressed one). I apply it all over my face with a large brush. I have been using it for six years now and it doesn't seem to break me out any worse than I normally would be.

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