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Regimen Gel Pump Tube?? Rather then Squeeze?

Pump Dispenser or Reqular Squeeze?  

  1. 1. Regular Squeeze????

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  2. 2. Pump Dispenser????

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Ive found that pump tubes can be more convenient being that

1) There more sanitary

2) You use wise amounts

3) More efficient

Ive found with the gel squeezing you tend you use too much and usually wash the rest away which can in reality build up to a couple more days use.

Ive also found that being overall clean when it comes to the products and towels themselves makes it easier to stay clean when washing the face..... Knowing that when you touch the squeeze tube can transfer oils and dirt when you put it on your face.

Handling products to much can build up dirt. When you have pump tubes you dont need to handle it much.

I WOULD LOVE to have a pump action one.

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What? Hell no, horrible idea. A tube is way better than a pump bottle for BP! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better control of the amount you dispense, for starters...have you ever been able to get precisely the amount of something you want out of a pump? You need to be able to control the amount of BP you dispense particularly if you are just starting the regimen, and you can't do that with a pump. It's not like you're getting all sorts of crap on your tube when you handle it for all of 30 seconds a day. Also, you can get more leftover BP out of a tube that you can cut open than you can out of a rigid pump bottle.

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exactly cool as kim deal, anything that comes out of a pump would be in blobs and you wouldnt be able to control the amount of BP you want.

meaning if you put too much you would either have to waste it by washing it away or put it back in the tube, which would be unhygenic.

plus a pump would mean you would either get less BP in the tube due to the space taken up by the pump, or the tibe would have to be made bigger to get the same amount of BP that was originally in it.

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