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I dont have very sever acne anymore. Occasionally I will get pimples that mount the typical white head usually on the skin adjacent to my nose. I do have blackheads on my nose that are fairly unnoticable so I don't take too much time trying to get rid of them.

However, I've normally washed my face with a Neutrogena face wash for men, that prepares the skin for a less irritating shave. It worked quite well, there was no salicylic acid in it. I ran out of that stuff and got lazy, I've used another Neutrogena product, an exfoliator oil-free deep cleaner wash. However, on the back in the igredients it has salicylic acid. Unbelievably, after about a weeks use, my skin has broke out. I've moisterized my face with Neutrogena face moistuerizer after every wash practically and my face broke out. It HAS to be the face wash change.

How is it salicylic acid causes me to break out?

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i don't know i use a 6% salicylic acid lotion every night and if anything it seems to help my skin

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My skin hates salicylic acid ... it gets irritated and breaks out if I use it .... so this sounds like a possible scenario to me!

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