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Clense, Tone and moisturise OR not ??

clense, tone and moisturise  

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  1. 1. clense, tone and moisturise

    • always
    • never

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Guest fatman_uk

I say soap + water, then cold water rinse, then moisturise while ur skin is a bit damp still... locks the moisture in better. :X


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A decent skincare regimen consists of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize as well.


The cleansing work is so important as it helps to get rid of dirts, excess oils, sebum and impurities.However, I have come over a couple of articles claiming pH of the cleanser will affect your skin natural moisture. There are many soaps and cleanser in the market nowadays will form a thin film that will clog pores and this may causes acne.You should find a cleanser that wouldn't leave any residue on your skin if you owned an oil and combination skin type.


Many friends told me that 'why TONE if the cleanser that do the job for it '. I really didn't agree with what they said as everytime I sweeped the toner on a cotton ball all over my skin, the cotton ball is NEVER clean as there are still some dead skin cells and dirts that have had been clear out totally from my skin. Toner is meant to balance your skin to it's own moisture condition, sweep out the last traces of impurities, excess oils and dead skin cell. Some toner may contains AHA or BHA that may help to unclog pores and fade away hyperpigmentation as well.


Even an oily skin need to moisturize. This is what I read from an article. There are so many brands of moisturizers that may make you un-determined to select in the shopping mall.However, you should choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer for acne prone skin. Moisturizer will lock the water beneath your skin so you wouldn't be dehydrated. The most common ingredient that is used in various moisturizers is GLYCERIN. Glycerin has the ability to preserve the water beneath your skin, so it's a good water binding properties. However, studies has been conducted showing that GLYCERIN will not perform very well if the temperature changes. So, as a solution the third generation of AHA, the hyaluronic acid is invented. But, this is a costly ingredient, so the moisturizer is costly.

You should look for an oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer.

hopefully can help..

garkee2002 :roll:

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Many, Many thankyous for your help.xx

I shall go out tommorrow and purchase some, i am a bit worried about the prices but i think i will try a cheep one for now. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

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