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What can you do to lessen the swelling of nodules?

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Hey everyone, I got more proactive about my skin (no pun intended) when I got this very unsightly and embarrassing acne on my nose that I think you would define as a nodule. It was one big red nodule right on the tip of my nose. When that happened, that was the last straw with my disinterested and lackluster attempts at eliminating my acne, I was going to find something that works and permanently. So I started to do some research with google and I quickly came on to this site. It was perfect, a simple, well researched website on acne and with a regimen that seemed simple and competent. I thought to myself, I would leave the nodule alone for three months and if this regimen didn’t make it go away I was going to try little surgery on it. Well after the three months it was still there and just as big with no improvements. The thing was like a rock, it wouldn’t cooperate or do a thing. During that three months I did mess around a little with it. I tried pocking it with a needle to see I I could squeeze the juice out of it but nope, I seemed to be solid. It hurt when I pressed on it. It was a stubborn son of a gun. Finally I thought to my self, maybe I’ll just try to shave it off. That’ll work right? It will bleed a lot for awhile and leave a little red scarring, but that would go away and I would have a stupid, painful bump on my nose. I tried to scrap it off like a dried out zit but it didn’t come off that easy. I ended up just shaving a few layers off of it. That did reduce the size of it a bit, not as much as I hoped. It bled bad for a few days. I had to wear a band-aid over my nose for awhile. Now I have a little white scarring where that happened and I still have a little bump there. What is up with that?

I was wondering what good methods you do or know dermatologists would use to lessen swelling and preventing scarring?

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Sounds like you need a cortisone injection. DO NOT shave or pick or it will leave a scar, possibly a bad one. If you don't have the means to see a derm for a cortisone shot, a while back, I had a cyst, while not on my face still pesky and bothersome. I read something about a drawing salve called Ichthamol (spell check?, why don't they have it??) or something like that and bought some. I had to ask for it at the pharmacy. It is a black like substance and it kind of draws the contents of the cyst to the top. It eventually worked. You have to wear a bandaid over it and it may not be pretty for a while but whatever you do PLEASE no shaving skin off.

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One thing I do that never seems to be recommended on this forum but helps A LOT for me is to take two tablets of Aleve (Naproxen sodium) when I feel a nodule or cyst about to hit. The anti-inflammatory action of the drug prevents some of the initial swelling, and I have also successfully used it to take down the swelling of already-inflamed cysts. Just follow the directions on the bottle, you can get it anywhere OTC. Take two with a glass of milk and then one 12 hours later.

Also, I'd definitely get that particular nodule checked out... it sounds like it could possibly be a wart.

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