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Second month 50mg

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So before I begin here is a bit of history...

I have had minor acne since I was in grade seven.. I used many topical treatments and some anitbiodics to try and get rid of the acne. It persisted all the way through grade 10 and now I am sixteen. Many of the antibiodics jsut severly dried my skin and peeled only some areas which left me with a unfortunate complexion. Finally at the age of 16 my derm said that accutane was our last resort. The news hit me kind of hard because I was so afraid of side effects and things. But i eventually gave it the try.

Since starting I have experienced the dry lips although they are very easy to deal with. Secondly I have experienced a lot of joint pain.. mostly in my knees and especially my back. Only 15% of people on accutane will experience these symptoms so it is kind of rare. This is limiting my amount of exercise greatly. Since starting accutane I have also lost about 15 pounds... isnt too bad tho :angel: . Otherwise things are going good.

The first few weeks my face cleared durastically and then just this last week I hit my IB... i was really hoping i could avoid this encounter. But is is all part of the process I guess. I have gotten a cyst on my neck and then just regular zits on my face... :doubt:

As particular parts of my skin clear.. I am beginning to notice everything that four years of acne has left me with... many scars but most of all I am left with many many manyyyy pits. This is just like holes in the skin from where a zit was popped. I guess it is mainly my fault for picking. But seeing these...it is really tough. For one I know that accutane does not get rid of these. I know there is things to help scarring.. but pitting? i am not too sure!

Anyways I am soon beginning the second month up to 50 mg.. not a lot but the raise kind of excites me.. bring upon more change. might be nice!!

you are all welcome to leave a comment or message me :D


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Hey! thanks for the repply :D

I started accutane on July the eighth.

Secondly.. yesterday I got food poisoning and could not eat what so ever.. so i decided to skip the accutane pill. Considering you should take it with foood. Hoping this doesnt slow anything down too much!


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