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I'm sooo sick of this!!!! No matter what I do this ugly gross pimple (its huge) just wont go away. I used BP on it, nothing, I had to pop it bc there was 3 whiteheads on this one pimple and it just looked disgusting!!!!! I was supposed to work tonight (I'm a server at a restaurant) but i called in sick bc i just cant face anyone. I've been clear for a couple of weeks so now everyone will see this big a** zit on my face and stare at it when they're talking to me :( I put BP on a couple of cysts that i saw developing below the pimple (near my chin) last night and now its all red and irritated which makes everything look much worse!! It just look like one big patch of red and then a huuuuuge ugly zit right above it!! Any ideas what i can do to soothe the irritated area from the bp? And any other ideas as to what i should do for the big one? It's been on my face for about 5 days now and it seemed like it was healing the other day (crusted over and then crust fell off) but then 3 whiteheads appeared on it again today..GRRRRRRRRR This is ruining all of my self esteem...i think i'm seriously depressed right now! :(

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I think its time to call your derm.maybe a cortizone shot.it will be in down in no time.if you cant get an oppointment soon try icing and taking some advil or motrin to bring down the swelling.good luck.one more thing hands off.i know its hard and you might think by messing with it ,it will go away faster,but the truth is it may spread deeper and hang around for another couple of days.

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Im so sorry to hear that! Try something that dries up zits really fast(ex. Tree tee oil, Dermalogica spot treatmeant, Avon or Oxy spot treatmeants,etc.) If that pesky pimple wont go away Id say time to call a derm.

GOOD LUCK! I hope it gets better :D:D:D

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