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Okay, i know my rules seem airy-fairy and seem as if even if fallowed probably wouldnt give much improvement. But they do, ive been doing them. and its working so very well. Even if they seem hard to remember put post-its up. It helps. and its a lot cheaper then going buying a billion acne products

1. Wash your hands before you wash your face. Like me, i take a the anti-baceria dish soap and wash my hands before I clean my face.

2. Wash your face well. Washing your face should be "scrub scrub, scrub scrub, okay done" You should do small circles all around the skin, Dont press hard into skin, just glide over it. Take at least a minute (better yet, 2 minutes) washing and getting down to the pores.This helps so well guys, it makes your skin shimmery and pretty. and gets so pores clean!

3.Dont touch face at all. If you do, get a astringent that will kill baceria (like which hazel) But dont go overboard. Try hard to keep your face from your hands nad everything else.

4.Use spot treatment, ONLY ON SPOTS. If you dont have pimples in an area, why irriate it? I use clearsil ultra. On ... SPOTS.

5.Ive been on a high protein diet lately. Its helping with my red spots. I think you should try high protein diet as well

6. DONT GO OVERBOARD ON TREATMENT. any treatment. Less. and sooooooo much more. Be knowledgeable, dont pack your face down with spot treatments, or load on the cleanser. be conservative. seriously, its for your own good

Well, thats my little help ideas

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Oh if it were only that easy.........what if your face is literally covered in "spots." How would a spot treatment be used?

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Washing your face for two minutes causes too much irritation. Wash your face with a mild cleanser for no more than 10 seconds, it should be enough.

What do you consider high protein? I weightlift and I take in around 1.5 grams of body fat per lb of weight, so I'm taking about 200-250 grams of protein a day, and my red marks haven't faded.

Points one, three, and four are kind of obvious.

Point six is great though, and should be heeded. Don't go overboard on treatment. I used to cover a whole finger, length and width, on my ginormous hand, with BP. It didn't help any more than using as much as Dan shows in his photos and videos. In fact, it took longer to put on, it irritated my face more, and made moisturizing absolute hell. Don't go overboard.

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Of course with the rules use whatever acne treatment youre on

I didnt mean it to be a quick fix, just guide lines to get you that much closer to it

and i use cetaphil, dan. It doesnt irriate


and 200-250 grams of protein daily? ... Do you mean through food? Or are you taking pills?

And i ment it as, protein is a cell builder. Id just think itd help aid in the cycle of your skin. As in the shedding and what not.

I wish you people would just try and add my rules to your routein. Even if you think its stupid. Its helping me and i truely want to help you guys. And when i say helping me, i mean drastically. I went from a 1-10 10 being worse i was a 6. Now that im revising my ways im about 2. heading towards one

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