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Should I try the regimen?

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Hi All!! So my question..I have light acne i guess you could say. I can go 2 weeks or so without a break out and then BAM big huge ugly ones creep up. I'm talkin the kind you dont even want to leave the hous with on your face. Well today is one of those days..and yesterday and wednesday and well you get the point. My breakouts will usually last 5-10days. I'm just wondering if the regimen would be beneficial to me or is it more for people with constant acne? Not sure if anyone has the same type of acne and has tried the regimen. Any help appreciated. Oh and I'm on Ortho Tri Cyclen...maybe I should switch to something else considering a lot of people have said it has made their acne worse. DAMN DOCTORS!!!

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If it were me, and I only got one pimple every 2 weeks, I think I would just spot treat, rather than go through a Regimen.

I think the CSR is more for people who have mild to moderate acne that is there all the time.

You can spot treat those isolated pimples with benzoyl peroxide and it should help them go down.

As for bc pills, that's up to you. Some women find bc pills help, while others don't.

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yea ive heard that bc pills help a lot of the time with acne.

as for regimen its your call hun.

but i think im swaying towards the way brandy is,

which is that the CSR regimen might be too much.

spot treating these spots with BP wil help them die down so thats probably your best bet :)

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