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Bumps on body..

I've had these flesh colored bumps (about 3-4) about 1/4"-1-2" in diameter on my body for about a year+ now and they haven't gone away. I've tried BP, and Neosporin and alot of other stuff but they haven't gone away. They're kind of hard but not rock hard and a one or two of them has grown in size a bit. I've noticed that one has also started to look more reddish (like a new pimple). Are these scars? I've had mild-moderate bacne before and now its almost gone. Are they inactive pimples that just stay in this flesh colored bump stage? And is the bump that's starting to turn reddish becoming a pimple after like a year of remaining as a bump? Any help would be appreciated about treatment and/or experiences.

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I have them as well. Im on accutane and they are going away but it has been a couple of months. I guess without Accutane they mine would have stayed for a year like yours have.

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Do they flare up at all? For instance with weather changes or when you sweat, are stressed, etc? My body acne is VERY stubborn but also pretty mild. It looks more like "bumps" but it's acne. I've had it now off and on for years...

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