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Yasmin or Ortho tri-cyclen?

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I have the choice of either sticking with ortho tri cyclen or changing my bc to Yasmin. I have only been on ortho tri cyclen and it has worked really well for my acne, though not being a complete cure. If I go off ortho tri cyclen, which I've had a few times just to see if my skin would still be okay, I breakout pretty badly and my skin becomes incredibly oily. I still breakout right after my period, I'm guessing it's because I just had a week where I had only the inactive pills.

Should I just stick with it and not risk having a huge breakout from switching bc's?

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I really dont see why you would want to switch since the OTC is working well for you. I think BCs help many women w/ hormonal acne, but its not really a "cure". My derm told me that I could choose between yasmin and OTC, since she likes them both equally for acne. I choose yasmin, havent had any problems. I cant really say if its helping my acne since I just did an accutane course.

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You could give Yasmin a try, but i've noticed that women who do well on a multiphasic like OTC often don't do so well on a monophasic like Yasmin, and vice-versa. However with Yasmin you could get approval from your doctor and take it continuously, skipping the inactive pills - you can't do that properly with a multiphasic. That would keep your hormones steady and might eliminate that monthly breakout. It will also remove your period from the equation - but you might experience some break through bleeding or spotting as your body adjusts.

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