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Hey Dan, Is it okay to not use moisturizer.EVER?

Hey Dan, we’ve talked in the past and I know you’re busy and probably getting sick of repetitive questions, but please answer this thoroughly when you get a chance.

I don’t need moisturizer at all IMO. My skin does not feel dry at all after applying the CSR gel to my skin. I only had a slight problem with that when I first started and it quickly went away. In fact, I often add some 5% or 10% benzyl peroxide ointment to the gel because yours doesn’t feel strong enough for my skin. You may not like that but am not willing to stop that because I find that to work for me. I would usually just apply your gel stock in the morning because I didn’t have time to mix the other stuff in and just added the high percentage ointment at night. When I did that my skin would look clearer in the morning as oppose to apply it stock, which would just prevent my skin from getting worse.

You mentioned that you should use moisturizer even if you feel you don’t need it because it helps keep your skin in balance. I'm not sure what you mean by “in balance?� Do you simply mean preventing it from getting too dry, or do you mean it prevents your skin from being blotchy with uneven areas of dryness and areas of over oil stimulation? Because if you ask me the moisturizer seems to counter act with CSR gel. One of the problems with my skin (and a problem with most people’s skin with acne) is it gets too oily of course. The benzyl peroxide seems to lower the production of oil in my skin and makes it feel dryer and more comfortable. Once I put the moisturizer on it gives my skin that greasy, uncomfortable feeling again plus it stings with me. So should I just kick the bucket with the moisturizer since I don’t have a problem with dryness or flakiness?


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moisturiser is only included in the regimen due to the drying effect of BP, but some people like myself find hardly any drying (i use 5%BP) i only get slight drying around my mouth and on my jawline,

you can use the regimen with no moisturiser if your skin doesnt get overly dry.

just remember, if your skin is overly dry (but not flaking) that may cause irritation to your skin, causing acne.

good luck :)

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Some people can NOT use moisturizer, but not many. I thought I could at first, as I only used moisturizer in the daytime, and didn't apply at night. After applying at night my skin is a lot happier- eg. not much redness and flaking as before. Its very reccomended to use moisturizer. I personally think you might be using a moisturizer thats wrong for you- it sounds too heavy. I had the same problem and Biore Shine control moisturizer works a treat for me.

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