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Preventative Measures - Adult acne for 12+ years

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Hi y'all - I'm new here. I found this board, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from acne in their 20s. I'm 26 and my acne started out in 8th grade when I was 14 (maybe even sooner). I have seen a derm. since I was 14, and nothing, I mean nothing works for me. It IS depressing not to have clear skin once in my life. I've tried just about everything, even Accutane. My acne at this point is moderate. I have at least one pimple or whitehead and small blackheads on my nose every day. When one zit goes away, I get another to no avail. I now have red marks, ice pick scars on my forehead, red around the corners of my nose, and blothy, oily skin.

I was looking for some tips. Currently, I take doxycycline (spll?) 100 mg in the morning (prescribed by my derm). In the morning, I wash my face with Olay cleanser. I put on BenzaCyclin. Then I put on Olay moisturizer (not the original, the spf 15, non-greasy formula). I have to use make up. I'm too self conscience. I know this is probably a problem. Any one know of a good foundation if you're prone to break outs? Also, I notice my face gets incredibly oily by noon. I mean I think I look good in the morning, non-oily, good make up, matte skin. Then, BOOM, my skins sucks by afternoon. So any way, when I come home, I immediately wash my face with Olay cleanser. I put on Olay Toner with Saylic Acid (to get off all make up). Then, I sometimes moisturize again.

At night, I wash my face, usually wiht this light microderm scub, very, very tiny particles. Then, I use my Differin gel (which I'm not so sure works). And again, moisturizer. I was trying McDerma solution for the scars but not sure if that works for acne. I really need something for my scars and red marks. Someone told me Porcelena. Any one hear of that?

Any who...I am sort of at a point of desperation. I want to go back on Accutane but it's so darn expensive ($100/month). It's truly not fair that I have to deal with this forever. I have no relief. I've tried stuff with sulfur in it (too many to name) to help with the roscesa (spll?). But then my bf wouldn't kiss me becuase it stunk so badly. I also try using End-Zit at night to pin-point zits. This seems to dry them up, whcih is good. My problem, however, how the heck do I PREVENT break outs. I'm so sick of this!!! 12 years is enough.

Apologize for my ranting, but it sounds like we're all in the same boat. What's anyone's take on Pro Activ?

Thanks for any help!

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Hello - This is my post, but just curious if anyone answers me -

Anyone try Differin

Anyone try Proactiv?

What have your experiences been like? What do you do for preventative measures?


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Hi sorry for your plight.........I haven't tried Differin but I have tried Proactiv three times........yes each time I retried it my acne somehow became resistant to it

so I took accutane ..........which is the only thing that's helped moderate my oily skin somewhat

you can take birth control pills to help with the oil and acne to

not sure about what foundation to use since i'm a guy =)

I also tried sulfur to zap zits which did crap, I also wouldn't moisturize I think any moisturizer breaks me out .......maybe the same for you'

I did the Mederma for my scars all it did was break me out so I had to stop

the only decent thing that seems to work is dermabrasion.....but the downtime is high

go look in the scar forums for a lookup on that


shows a member who's had dermabrasion and other types of scar revisions check it out

good luck whatever you do.........maybe you can try Dan's REgiman on here to

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Thank you for your detailed response. I appreciate your feedback.

I took accutane too, and it did work, but as soon as I got off of it, I'm back to where I was. I am on Birth Control, but that doesn't do anything to help the situation, although I wish it did.

That's interesting that your face became resistent to pro-activ. Not so sure if I tried that kind now. I agree with the sulfur. THat was a waste of my time and money. Did nothing but make my bf not want to kiss me.

I'm glad you told me at Mederma. I guess that may be part of the problem as well. I'll stay away.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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I used ProActiv in high school, I'm not so sure it did anything then - - and I've heard it has actually gone downhill with it's popularity (one reviewer told me that the scrub was more grainy, there was no longer recyclable packaging, and other such complaints). As for Differin, I can tell you first hand that it was far too mild for ME. Your acne may respond well, and it is usually the first line of defense because it is milder than some. At worst you can try it for 3 months. I understand the urgency. Everyone on this board, as adults, feels trapped in a body they can't control. However, I have seen Differin work miracles on other friends with adult acne.

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Ditch Oil of Olay. It breaks me out. Me and everyone else I know.

Differin never worked for me. Maybe try Retin-A Micro?

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Those are good suggestions! I have been using Differin for one year and no results. I thought it sucked, but my derm is lazy and didn't do anything. I guess I'll try the Retina-Micro, if I can get a script. Way back when I was in high school, 10 years ago, I used Retin-A, but it made me break out in a huge rash on my face. It was such a weird reation. I had lots of tiny bumps on my skin, so I stopped using it. I was a cheerleader too, so you can imagine how mortiifed I was when I had to go out in front of the crowd with a face plastered in tiny red bumps! But I wonder if this Retin-A Micro will be different on my face now.

I've been very eager to try Proactiv, since I've tried everything, but from teh sounds of it, it may not be good right now. Thanks for the inside tip!

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Just for a little background on my situation, I've been fighting acne for about 14 years and I have moderate to severe acne. Right now, it's moderate. There are actually a lot of things that can help prevent or stop some forms of acne.

I tried Pro-activ, worked for about 2 weeks, then broke me out badly. I learned that my skin is resistant to any type of BP products.

Differin gel is very mild, so didn't work for me.

Birth control pills work for some women, but didn't do anything for me.

So I went the natural route. I had heard many things about RAW honey, zinc, and sea salt. So I actually ended up trying a sea salt scrub. That has actually helped quite a bit.

If you would like to try sulfur again, I found that Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque/Scrub helps as well. That has sulfur in it but it smells good, in my opinion. Generally, though, sulfur is more helpful for cystic acne. Basically acne that is full of pus, or hiding under the skin.

I've also heard good things about any type of essential oils such as lavender. Also 100% rose water.

You may want to do some internet searches regarding some of things that I've mentioned. I know that there is a posting on this forum regarding sea salt and the wonders that is has done for some people.

Forgot to tell you that you may want to try Neutrogena foundation. It has 2% salicylic acid. And the moisturizer that I use, as well, is Neutrogena face lotion. It has 2% salicylic acid.

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I started breaking out at 31. Went on Minocin and topicals that worked very, very well for years. I also used ProActiv. I was crystal clear other than the occasional mild breakout or pimple during my period. Now at age 37 the acne came back around jawline, lower cheeks, chin area.

I am going on Accutane, but while waiting for treatment to begin I've done acne / oxygen facials each week that have worked WONDERS on my skin. In fact, my skin tone is the best it's ever been and my breakouts are very mild. And this is only after 3 facials!

I would recommend finding a very good aesthetician -- this is IMPORTANT. Someone that knows what they are doing. My aesthetician uses the Karen Herzog line of oxygen products:


I use the Mild Scrub, the Oxygen Face Cream and the Vita-A-Kombi-3. I cannot tell you how amazed I was when I realized this was working. And, to touch my skin... it feels like butter. It's truly astounding.

Weekly facials can be expensive and time consuming, so I am going to also try the Accutane. I'm hoping that the combination therapy will help my skin respond faster, heal faster, and perhaps I won't have to be on Accutane quite as long.

Bottom line -- try the facials and the oxygen therapy if you are able to do so. I highly, highly recommend it.

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