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Well, i just thought id mension ive been using clearasil ultra spot treament. and its working amazingly.

The first day a huge pimple i had went down to nothing the next morin. Not only that one, all the bumps flatted down and lighteing. some are gone completlely, others are a tad subbern


I suggest using the spot treatment. Not so much the face wash or anything else. I used the line before, ive gotten irraited and flaky, red... all that good stuff.

Spot treatment just takes down where you spot it. So HIGHLY RECOMEND.

That and it works wonders on black heads. My nose never looked so dashing :lol:

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He uses it for spot-treatment, so it might just be drying out his pimple which is ok in most cases... I use a 10% gel at the moment (and I use excessively much of it; a finger length or more) and I think my skin has adapted itself a bit; it doesn't even sting when I put it on...

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Yup tommi boy, thats the stuff im using. I have no idea is its in the UK. Does it say it on the packaging?

and it does have harsh ingredients, it just i use it only on pimples. I dont rub it in all over my face. I dont think you should either. I love the ability to SPOT treat

I accually, last time i used it did use it all over my face. and that turned out bad. Even if you have a lot of pimples just put it where the pimples are. It will work amazingly over night and then give it a few more days for stubbern acne. and i think you'll be very very happy

THAT AND i want to tell you guys, dont overload. Just rub some in. More is less... less effective.. Or at least it effects you the wrong ways.

Ive learned,

dont use tooo much of anything. less is much much more :surprised:

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