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So far, so good.

My 4th day using Skintactix. I purchased the Light Acne Dry/Sensitive Skin pack.

Price was a bit scary, but I was desperate :(

Day 1:

Began in the PM. Pinned hair back, cleansed, exfoliated, applied poutlice, then moisturiser.

Day 2:

Skin looks great when I wake up. Clear, white, smooth. Went through regime, only omitting poultice. When I put it on last night I looked a bit green due to the mineral clay base.

When I get to work skin has blush of redness tho. This lasts all day, so when I do PM regime I use products a little more sparingly. Seem to help- not as green!!

Day 3:

Pimples starting to come to surface. OMG. These little red bumpies have been my closet allies for years, and now they are leaving. Experience pangs of loss. Didnt use poultice for AM, still some redness.

PM piled all the crap on my face. Hard to believe loading up the skin is helping.

Day 4:

Is that my skin?? I am white. Still a ways to go but steaming along really well. Used all products sparingly for AM. A little sure goes a loooooong way. Am also trying poultice AFTER moisturiser. Seems to absorb better.

Its Day 4 to-day so will continue with the updates- don't be afraid to PM me with Q's!!

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i'm currently using skintactix as well. i used their products for a while last year and they cleared me up pretty well even though i was only doing the regimen once a day.

i've been back on them for about a week now and my results have been pretty good so far. i agree that the green tea poultice is kind of a pain to rub into the skin. the best way to do it is to do it using very small amounts as opposed to globbing it all on your face and trying to rub it in that way. i dont use the moisturizer myself, because my skin is very oily.

good luck!

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Ok. This week has been UGGGHHH in terms of work and busyness, and the food I've eaten- my god. So my skin is BLERRRKKK compared to last week, but still much clearer and WHITER than before Skintactix!!!

I had a big weekend, ate lotsa takeaway and beer. Poor me. I am tidying up the diet now tho, and soon Skintactix should be fixing my skin.

My skin is really dry now, and I have been using the regime night and day. I think I may need to ease up on the exfoliator. And drink more water!!!

I'll be back with the results :D

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