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Switching to CSR Cleanser?

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Hey, currently I am on Rosula... a prescription from a dermotologist. Its a tad expensive... about $11 a bottle for me, and its about 12 oz as compared to dan's 16 oz.

It seems to be working fine for me, since I have no acne on Dan's regimen, but I always like to try new products and stuff and if I get off of Rosula and use Dan's stuff, then I won't need any more dermotology appointments because I've gotten rid of the recommended pills, tazorac's and other retinoids. The last thing I am using from the dermotologist is the cleanser.

Has anyone else been on Rosula before and switched to Dans cleanser? Would you recommend it? I would love to never have to enter a dermotologists office, or at least not for a while.

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Is Rosula medicated?

The reason I ask is because Dan's CSR gentle cleanser is not medicated. There is nothing in it to actively fight acne, it is just a gentle basic nondrying cleanser. It is ideal for someone who is just wanting a gentle cleanser.


I found it:


It is a medication. If it has your skin under control, and you switch to a nonmedicated cleanser, then your skin will likely begin to break out again.

Do you have rosacea or acne?

If it is acne you are treating, you can certainly give the CSR a try. Use the CSR cleanser, 2.5% bp, and an oil-free moisturizer.

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So you're on the CSR already, using the Rosula cleanser and Dan's BP gel and likely a moisturizer?

If so, Dan's BP gel proably is by far the most effective stuff you're using to keep your acne at bay. Cleansers in general don't do that much compared to topicals you wear for 23:50 hours a day.

So if you are on the Clear Skin Regimen already my recommendation would be to buy just one bottle of Dan's cleanser and start using it very slowly, and slowly ramp up the frequency of use.

I'd take it very patiently since your skin is clear anyway and start of with using it once every 2-3 days (assuming you're using Rosula twice a day) for 3-4 weeks. If everything is fine you could try to use it once a day or once every 3 times, for again 3-4 weeks. If your acne still hasn't returned after that you could try to use (almost) only Dan's cleanser for 4 weeks while still paying attention very if your skin is changing or not. So don't just throw the Rosula cleanser away.

As Brandy said, the CSR cleanser is just a good mild cleanser, it has no special anti acne capabilities. Personally, I really believe cleansers for acne are overhyped and overmarkteted. Even when knowing what acne is there is this unconscious thought your acne face is not clean and a cleanser makes perfect sense then at first thought. Fact is, acne start deep down inside your skin where no cleanser will reach since you'll wash away the ingredients from the cleanser after 30 seconds anyway.

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OH, I guess I misunderstood ^

I didn't realize you were already on the CSR. You are using that Rosula as your cleanser then?

You can certainly switch to the gentle cleanser then, and continue with the bp and moist. Some people have a small breakout upon switching products, but even when that happens it is usually short-lived and clears up pretty quick.

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Ok, I think I will give Dans cleanser a shot. Before I went onto BP i had mild acne, not rosacea or anything. The Rosula never really did help, and in the end my acne got a tad worse than before I started the stuff, but i've been using it for over a year.

I am a firm believer that the BP and Moisturizer is really what has helped clear me up seeing as how I haven't had a zit since starting the CSR. If Dan's cleanser doesn't work out correctly, it wouldn't be hard to switch back.

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Just wanted to give an update. Its been about 6 weeks since switching from the Rosula. I decided to go with Cetaphil instead of Dan's cleanser because it was on sale for a short period of time ;). Previous to the switch I had no acne, and few marks left from previous acne. I just wanted a cheaper solution where I also didn't have to go to the dermatologist for a pre-scription. Now my acne has come back for the most part.. although minor, but kind of disappointing. Last night I decided to switch back to Rosula to see how things go. I really didn't expect changing from Rosula to Cetaphil would make much of a difference, but it appears I was wrong.

I guess cleansers really can make a huge difference, which I didn't think it'd matter much in the end. I'm not saying cetaphil/CSR cleansers are bad... its just that the Rosula works better for me.

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