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Combo *Cures* -- What do you combine?

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I know everyone's skin is different, and that there is no "cure" for acne, but what's the combo that works best for you? I combined many years of reading, personal experience, and the diet/holistic health part of this forum with the Regimen forum to find something for me:

(Not sure if it'll work for you, but give it a shot)


First: After all that reading, I'm looking at preventing breakouts internally. I drink a lot of water, get OK sleep (5 hours daily at the investment bank), and I'm careful about what I eat.

Careful meaning: No milk or dairy products, moderate amount of vegetables, avoid oily foods, fried foods, and salty snacks. *I avoid overly sugary, oily, or salty foods* Oh yeah, I also limit beef eating.

One thing that has consistently happened is getting breakouts eating this one dish in Chinatown: Black Pepper Beef Steak--I actually went to the Chinese grocery to look at the sauce.. 68% (Daily Intake) sodium for ONE tablespoon. The dish has a pint. (No foods loaded with sodium/iodine)


I've used almost every OTC over the big pharma rainbow. This is what is working:

1. I am using Apricot Scrub (invigorating) to clean my face... because although I can wash it off with a gentle soap, I'll still have clogged pores. I know people say scrubs are bad, but I am going to try the baking soda scrub i read about here.

2. After I scrub my face, I use the Queen Helen's Mint Julep. I put a LOT on, and I wait for it to dry. if it burns, then it's working (jk). I then peel off the solid pieces.. and under it, the blemish either is dried or less bumpy. it's really satisfying to peel off those green chunks. Instead of waiting 15 minutes, I wait 1-2 hours, yep that's right, 1-2 hours.

3. After that, I use Purpose Gentle Cleanser to help wash off the Julep.

4. I use Panoxyl 10% Bar on the lower jaw area of my face.. like under the cheek. I know this will dry the hell out of any acne there, so I avoid contact with the rest of my face.

5. Now, the best topical I've used is Panoxyl Aqua Gel (10% BP.. it's liquid, and moisturizes while kills..interesting)... whenever I see this at CVS, I buy the entire rack. It's a little rare to spot.

-I use half a finger of panoxyl on each side of my face, and I rub it vigorously in. I then use another half finger to coat my cheeks.

6. I always make sure I wash my hair with head and shoulders, and that it is combed back when i sleep.

7. Then, I go to sleep (with fresh pillow cases) on my back. I know this is hard, but if you keep your shoulders apart or sleep in a surrendering motion, then you get used to it.

8. My fan or AC is on, gently blowing air into my face.

Then I wake up, and my red spots are reduced or gone.


I wake up, wash my hair with Head and Shoulders

1. Then, I use the Apricot scrub on parts of my face that feel gunky, rough, and dirty (full of dead skin cells).

2. I use the Purpose Cleanser for my entire face

3. I use the Panoxyl Bar soap for my jaw line (because no one pays attention to the jaw line even if the skin is dry)

4. I use Panoxyl Bar Soap on body acne (I have none now). You should use that soap as the body acne pulverizer.. it's not intended for your face

5. I pat my face dry with toilet paper or a paper towel (I never never use cloth towels with bacteria).

6. If there is a red spot, I cover it up a little with Clearsil Ultra Tinted.. I KNOW this is not good for my face, and I bet it clogs my pores.. but it's the only cover-up I have.. and it works somewhat

Anyway, that's what I've been doing so far, and I only have the jaw sore/blemish to take care of.. since I bet I got it from sleeping on the side of my face

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Yeah i just use dan's csr and moisterize at night, so far its working quit well, i'm on my week three, still have some pimple's, hopefully they'll be going away soon... some quicker then others

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