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I just took a shower and a white head on my nose came open, causing bleeding. I was able to apply pressure to the little sucker to stop it, and then washed it off again (to prevent bacteria) and put neosporin on it.

Will this prevent me from getting a scar? The nose is the last place I want a blemish.

Also, how do you prevent stuff from opening in the shower? For me, it's usually the towel afterwards that does it, doesn't matter how I dry it.

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Guest Calibos

how did it come open, you must of had a lot of pressure coming from the shower in order for it to take it clean off.

Since you didn't squeeze it you should be ok in terms of scarring, just keep it clean and don't touch it, just dab it with tissue or something to absorb the blood.

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Yeah, my shower head isn't top of the line or anything. Think of what you normally find in a Days Inn and you have my un-upgraded shower head (which I will soon be replacing with a better one). The pressure is on the high end of moderate.

Also at fault are my towels. I don't know if I should be using special towels, I use the regular kind you find at Macy's for about ten bucks. For some reason, no matter how gentle I am with them, the whiteheads sometimes come open.

I just talked to my mother (a nurse) after writing this and she said I'd be okay in terms of scarring and whatnot. She was a severe acne sufferer in the day (much worse than I have ever been) and said that as long as I didn't contaminate it I'd be fine. Also said the Neosporin would work fine.

One more question--tonight, should I re-apply neosporin, use aloe vera, or use Duac like I normally use?

(And I must add, aloe vera is fading this killer red mark on my temple quite nicely, considering I've been using it only six days and only once a day)

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