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Alex 01

Best spot treatment?????

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what spot treatments you have used (over the counter or home-made) that have or have not worked for you. Im looking for the best possible one to make those individual blemishes go away asap. It doenst matter if there harsh on the skin, for some reason my skins really tough.

thx in advance

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Guest Calibos

Hey Alex

I'm from the Uk so i don't know what you have access to and what you don't, but i've tried.

Antiseptic Cream

Benzoyl Peroxide


Tooth Paste

and a fuck load of oral drugs but im going to assume you're after a topical solution.

From my experience BP has been the best, Freederm worked well for a little while, it is also under the name Nicam Gel, it doens't leave your skin red like BP, but i found it stopped working completely after a while, whereas BP, if it works once, it'll work forever.

There are several people who are allergic to the ingredients in BP, and some people complain that BP "ages" their skin and makes it more wrinkly or worn out, i have kinda noticed this but i have some scarring all over my face so i think they make me look older.

You can also try Salycic Acid, its similiar to BP but i don't know too much about it, but there are a tonne of threads on here about the effectiveness of these treatments, i hope this is helpful.

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Ya, im from Canada, Toronto to be more specific. Which is a good thing, because its Canada's largest city so if you look hard enough you can find almost anything, from the US and Europe.

Im not on any oral medication, even though i would like to, but my acne is moderate to mild, i usually get jst one or maybe two big whiteheads every week or so. Im on Proactiv right now, and its working pretty good for me...better than all the Neutrogena, Biore, Oxy and Clean&Clear stuff ive used in the past.

But its those individual whiteheads or pustules or whatever, i want to get rid off. Procativ is mainly 2.5% BP...and BP has never irritated my skin before. I think i have some Clean & Clear 2% Salicylic acid spot treatment some where, so ill see how that works out too.

And ill definitly search around Toronto for the stuff u recommended. If they got it in the UK i think ill be able to get it in Canada...were only across the pond :angel: lol.



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