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How do you properly itch your face?

OK. Two small spots on my face right now are pleading to be itched. It's been about 5 minutes and its driving me crazy lol. I suppose i could just try to sit out and try to ignore it, but this is a real itch. Not a fake "in your head" itch, lol.

Is there a proper way i can touch my face? Can i grab a kleenex and gently rub it very lightly over my face to satisfy the the itch? I don't want to irritate my face... but this seems to be carrying on for awhile. I think i will make a rule for myself... try and wait it out 5-10 minutes... and it it's still itchy... do the above.

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I take a tissue and fold it 3 times so you have quite a sturdy tissue with a good edge on it. Take hold of it and put one of the edges towards your itchy spot. Gently, and I mean gently, rub the edge over your spots, barely touching them at all, and only using very small movements. Just the sensation of the tissue against your spots will take away the itch.

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I just very, very gently use the back of my fingernails and scratch upward, as to avoid scratching the skin into and under my fingernails.

Probably not the BEST way to do it, but when I have a really horrible and persistent itch, I'm not about to get a tissue everytime.

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