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Hey guys

I was taking accutane for a couple of weeks, and got some severe side effects (swelling, chest pain, joint pain, etc) so i took myself off of them, now my face is swelling like a balloon and covered with new cysts in places i never had before..*sigh. i decided that i must make some health/diet changes because it seems that would be the only thing that will work for me. so since you all seem like experts can you guys give me some advice, perhaps suggestions or changes tow aht i am doing right now...

i have been only eating raw foods, organic juices



organic grape juice

organic apple juice

cabbage juice

pomegrante juice


potatoes and onions stir-fried together with extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of salt

(this is what i have been taking for breakfast and lunch for the past week)


organic chicken broth with slices of chicken (my mom cooks it up for me every day, i love her :wub: )


b complex

p&B shakes



birth control pills

it seems drastic, but my skin has never been this bad ever. right after i stopped taking the accutane, my face went through a massive breakout. *FKJASIjFKD* but what can i do? i just have to keep trying to find a solution to the problem.

for my face

i just wash with hot water and then cold water, because my skin is too sensitve for any soap right now that includes mild soap. *sigh* right now, my face is swelling like a freaken balloon.

i am getting ready for a liver flush, hence all of those organic juices and PB shakes. Psyllium husks are so clumpy it is hard to down it. have any of you guys tried the liver flush? if so, tell me about your take of it.

what do you think of my overall daily spew, any suggestions or comments. be as brutal and drastic as you like because i am pretty desperate here, i am willing to even go on a fast. thanks guys!

much love


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Aw Liliana I'm sorry bout your Accutane experience. Consider it a blessing in disguise. I have a friend who took it for 6 months was fine other than having dry skin, lips eyes and then year later was admitted for liver damage. Your skin will most likely be "purging" for a while but I'm crossing my fingers for you that you'll stick it out and come out of it with clearer skin. Maintaining a dairy free, limiting high Gi fods and sugar as well as gluten has literally saved my skin.

Eating only raw foods is a good way to cleanse your system but not so great when you maintain that diet longterm. But then I see you also have chicken broth and chicken. Hmm.

I would mix in more cooked fods into your diet.

Veggie stir fry is great and seems youre already using that.

Avocados, chickpeas, yams, beans of any kind, lentils (soooo yummy), lentil soup is soooo good, even if you soak lentils over night and then make a type of stirt fry or stu with them is so good.

Soup in general is great.

You already eat a lot of fruits and veggies so :clap:

Fish and lean meat like chicken is alright for most people. I've heard mixed reviews about salmon though.

Asian cook books especially the vegetarian based ones are such an amazing help. They helped me be creative with my meals. The Asian rice noodles seem to be alright for my skin as well.

On the spot treatment I have been using Aloe Vera Fruit of the Earth. It's so cheap and you can find it at any Wal Mart. It's my magic product. It works great at drying out the spot, reducing the redness and swelling and speeding up the healing process. (Don't use it all over you face though)

Keep drinking the 2L of water each day.

Eat sauteed kale. Kale has the largest quantity of vitamin A in a vegetable and is amazing for the skin. You can sautee some onions with olive oil. Chop up the kale into bite size pieces add to the softened onion and sautee until the kale softens. It's super with fish or just on its own. It's my miracle vegetable and it tastes good! What else can you ask for?

SweetJade1980 had a link on top of the page in the Diet section that is very detailed about diet etc. That's a great read. I recommend checking it out.

Good luck! I think you're on the right track.

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