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Does B5 really act on oil directly or work as a laxative or colon cleanser. Any mild laxative taken daily will do exactly the same as B5

Could B5 be working as a laxative?

At very high supplemental doses of 2 or more grams per day, intake of vitamin B5 can cause mild diarrhea. The fact that much lower doses of this vitamin (in the 500 milligram range) have also been used to treat constipation lends credence to this association with diarrhea.


There have been no measurments taken showing the direct effect of B5 on fat, sebum oil.

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I've taken b5 for two years now. I would like to point out an error in your observations.

Yes, a lot of b5 will act as a laxative if you are giving your body too much of it. The moment that you notice that you are suffering from the laxative effect, the users decrease the dose until their bowel movement is normal again -- and they're will remain clear on this dosage.

I have never been constipated, but I have had oodles and boodles of acne ;)

I've taken b5 for two years. If I noticed that my bowel movements were at all becoming changed by the laxative effect, I lowered the dose. My skin has been perfect for 2 years. I went from having almost severe acne to having flawless skin.

If anyone is taking the b5 and getting too much of the laxative effect, then they need to reduce it by one gram each day until their bowel movement is perfect. They're skin will be perfectly clear on this amount.


If you are constipated, then its your diet:

I agree that someone who is constipated should eat more fiber... such as apples and fruit. Apples will REALLY do the trick ;). I'm a nutritionalist and vegetarian and meat is one thing that causes constipation and fermentation in the bowels. Meat also has tons of toxins that ferments for weeks and months in the pockets of the intestines which are called Diverticuli. If you want to have looser stools, I would suggest that you alter your diet in a healthier way to achieve this...such as eating more apples, veggies and fruits - and cut out the constipating meats. This will also lower your food bills by about 40% ;)

I did notice a huge difference health wise when I became vegetarian. According to the history channel and some documentaries that I watched, the animals are fed pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, appetite stimulants and aflatoxins that collect in the animals' tissues and milk. All of these chemicals enter and affect our bodies.

The factory farmed animals are really sick and miserable throughout their entire lives. Their "nourrishing diet" is ground-up feathers, dried blood, cow and pig brains (this is how mad cow disease started) and a staple diet of 30% baking soda... to make them feel full and to save money. They never breath clean air. They breath ammonia gases all in the building which is a gas that comes off the manure and they are NEVER allowed to exercise to ensure their meat is very tender. In fact, they are kept in stalls to prevent walking and turning around. Think about the poisons that are collecting from all the chemicals and just resting in the tissues of this sick and miserable animal.

According to the history channel and several documentaries, animals with cancerous lesions and pus-filled wounds are certitified as "USDA Pure." Only external cancerous growths are removed... because they dont have time to go looking for all of the animals' internal problems in the 25 minutes it takes to turn them into a hamburger.

And 30% of cows have these wounds, leisons and tumors - because there are no vets. If the animals cant walk, they drag the animal to slaughter because it's meat is worth money. The reason the animal cannot walk is not looked at --whether its a disease, an internal cancer, etc. And we are eating this stuff.

Anyway, it is certainly not good on our overall health to be continually eating sick animals that live in a stall all day (factory-farmed animals).

If you think about it, what would you rather eat? A healthy cow raised in a green pasture on grass and pure water who has exercised... or to continually consume animals that are limping and crippled from in fections (which is VERY common), have external sores from laying in their feces and are pumped full of chemicals that destroy their liver and other chemicals, who has breathed poisonous gases and antibiotic-laiden water? A 7 min documentary that was on tv is here: http://www.meat.org

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I agree with Apple. I don't find myself going to the toilet more often, and I am only just below the recommended maximum dosage. So I don't think B5 works in the same way as a laxative.

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I agree with Apple. I don't find myself going to the toilet more often, and I am only just below the recommended maximum dosage. So I don't think B5 works in the same way as a laxative.

Yeah, i'd agree too. The laxative effect only lasted for 1-2 weeks then my body got used to it. Plus i used to take some famous colon cleanser powder thing (i forget the name) thinking that this might help, and it did nothing for my acne.

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