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Little question regarding diet

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Hi , i know there is a lot of information on this forum (and firs of all i want to thank you guys for this , it's all very interesting) but i have a little question to ask.

Let's fill you in to start with : i'm not a severe acne-sufferer , you could call me a really mild patient , a handful of redmarks and the odd zit sometimes popping up , nothing too serious.

I try to eat and live as healthy as possible , a lot of exercise (running , football , ...) and 'good' foods (carrots , tomatoes and the lot you know) enough water every day and a effervescent tablet of vitamin B complex just for daily upkeep. But sure enough i'm a sinner from time to times .

Now what i observed . When i eat oily fish like salmon , the next day my skin just looks better and healthier (it also could be the carrots i eat or the vitamin b complex including a small dose of b5 but i'm sure it has to be the salmon)

Now does this classify me in a specific group ? And are there other foods that could help my redmarks/mild acne mindful of the above ?

I would like to thank you for reading ,


ps Sorry for the bad english , i'm belgian ;)

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I don't know about your diet "type" but it sounds like you need some Essential Fatty Acids in your diet.

The Salmon you mentioned is high in Omega 3 and other Fatty Acids. You can get EFA supplements from your nearest health food shop.

*Leon* =D

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Thanks Leon , that's the kind of advice i'm lookin' for. But do you know other natural sources of EFA ?

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