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Alright, so I've been battling acne the past 10 years of my life, so I suppose I'll give ya a little background info before I delve into the depths of my misery...lol.

I'm 20 years old, female, born and raised in California...and I inherited my acne from my father, who says he had it much worse (huge boils beneath his skin, and they didn't have the medicines they do now), yet his went away AT 19 YEARS OLD! And here I am at 20, a round of Accutane under my belt and a plethora of medicines (every OTC and prescription cream, gel, and pill that's been on the market, like EVER, seriously), and ACNE AT ITS WORST EVER. :boohoo: So I'm pretty much pissed. Alright so the history part...

I was in 5th grade when I started getting a small amount of tiny pimples on my forehead, mostly in the center between my eyes. Not a big deal, but of course my mom freaked and wanted to teach me about good skincare and I started washing daily with Neutrogena Acne Free Wash or whatever it's called. I continued to get "breakouts" (which, looking back, would be considered CLEAR PERFECT SKIN for me now...but for a 10/11 year old, it's tragic). At one point in the school year (this will haunt me forever), my teacher, who was a big jokester and like my FAVORITE EVER at that time, said loudly in front of the ENTIRE CLASS, "oh, it looks like Ashley is becoming a teenager before the rest of us!" I really paid no mind to my "acne" at that point, but that day, everything turned around. I wanted to run to the bathroom and cry, and when I asked to go to the bathroom, my teacher apologized, but I still went potty anyway lol. When I got home, I swear I washed my face 5 times...in a row. I was horrified. Anyway, my acne continued to be pretty mild, but my mom still stressed good skincare and my sister received a bunch of Dermalogica products for her birthday because she wanted them (she was in like 7th grade then), so I began using those as well. About the time I reached middle school, my acne had become worse (though still considerably clear compared to now), and my mom took me to my PCP and, being obsessive-compulsive (literally), I refused to take any form of pill for my acne (I wasn't afraid of pills, since I took Zoloft, but I was afraid of the pills making me sick or something)...so he prescribed me Benzamycin cream, I think it was...I had to keep it in the fridge. At that point I had bacne and shoulderne and chestne (haha) and I distinctly remember my mom smearing that freezing cold cream all over my body...AAHHHH the horror. And boy did it STING my face...I had to put it on twice daily I think. Red and peeling...sucks when you're 14 with facial AND bodily acne, and peeling skin. No wonder I never had boyfriends back then. Geez.

As I entered high school, of course my acne progressed, what with my hormones and all...and my face became a greaseball. I think I began to wear makeup at that point...my freshman year of high school. Well, I don't remember when I started using foundation/cover-up, might have been sophomore year. And I'm pretty sure it was to hide my acne and acne scars, not because I was trying to cover wrinkles at 15...though it would have been likely since I have OCD and go through obsessive phases with various body parts and functions. Anyway, I've been a swimmer my whole life, and I think the drying effect of the chlorine may have contributed to my body acne; sure, it would dry it up, but it would be SO PAINFUL on my shoulders to the touch. It was inflamed and HIDEOUS; so embarrassing, especially SWIMMING...in HIGH SCHOOL...with my PEERS. Goodness. Oh and not to mention I'm clumsy and running into the lane ropes with my shoulders was a nightmare. So yea, I pretty much didn't own any sleeveless shirt of any kind throughout high school. (Whoever said high school is the best years of your life? DUDE, it's freakin' alllll downhill from there for me, if those are the best years....). Well, after countless visits to my PCP and mild prescription creams, and different antibiotics, I finally got referred to a dermatologist my senior year. I tried a bajillion things, including Erythromycin and Tetracycline, and various creams and gels until I finally tried the last resort: Accutane. I was hesitant, after all the horror stories I'd heard about the depression effects and the dry peeling skin and lips, and the possible body malfunctioning and the blood tests every month (and urine tests...but I don't really have a problem with those, I'm good at aiming). But, alas, I succumbed to the Accutane in May of 2004. I had all the typical side effects, mainly peeling and severe dryness and burning eyes and whatnot (oh and turning as red as a lobster within 5 minutes of sun exposure...which sucked when I took a swimming class in college and still burned even with sunscreen on!). However, it DID work miracles, my skin was beautiful, however I had scars all over my face (not the deep pits...just red marks). Those are nothing, though, since they aren't 3D and can be covered with makeup. But, my BACK AND CHEST AND SHOULDERS WERE FLAWLESS!! NOT A SINGLE SCAR OR BLEMISH! It stayed this way for about a year, with just an occasional pimple here and there. Then, about 7 months later, it returned, slightly worse than it was pre-Accutane. FABULOUS. It was swollen and painful on my right lower cheek...and just scattered elsewhere on my face. Since then (a year ago), I have further exhausted the available creams, gels, and antibiotics. My derm keeps accidentally trying to prescribe me something I've tried before. I am always like, "nope, didn't work"....then he suggests something else, and again I say "oh, that made me itchy"...."oh, yea, I've tried that"....it's pretty much like that every visit, lol. I think we've run out of options. Let's see, there's been Differin gel, Tretinoin gel, Duac cream, Desonide lotion, Minocin, some Sulfa drug that I can't remember the name of, and a few other things I think. All of these have failed, and my acne has only gotten progressively worse (though my body is still clear and scar-free, HOORAY!). So, my 3-month visit came up about a month ago, and I was pretty much at my breaking point. QUIT PRESCRIBING ME STUFF THAT DOESN'T WORK! So, at the moment I'm taking Doxycycline at night, put Tazorac on at night, and in the morning I put on Clindamycin. My derm said that this is the last combination of medicines before I resort back to Accutane (and he was the one who said a year ago that I probably wouldn't need a second round...ha!). Well, this past month has SUCKED. Seriously. After the first 2 weeks, I figured it was the initial breakout, no big deal, whatever. But it's getting PROGRESSIVELY WORSE, I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had it this bad. It almost feels cystic, hard bumps under my skin all along my right jawline and on the lower half of the cheek and my neck...literally COVERING this area. It is so swollen and painful, not only to the touch but when I move my neck or smile...it's horrid. And after these buggers form knots, they decide to form whiteheads....so I have like a cluster of 5 whiteheads in one area right now. Fantastic. This is pretty much how it is all over my face, but not as severe...like on my forehead I'll get pimples so painful I get headaches, no joke. Yet my skin is so dry in those areas and burning and peeling, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW I'M STILL GETTING ACNE. WTF MATE :mad: . I use moisturizer occasionally and skip the Tazorac, since I thought I'm having an adverse reaction to it. But my face is still oily an hour after washing it. Ugh. I was so horrified after washing off my makeup the other day, (even my mom has pointed out that it's never been at this severity before), that I called the derm's office the next morning, pleading to do SOMETHING with this mess. Well, they told me to continue with my regimen and call back in 2 weeks, as it "gets worse before it gets better" and takes a while to work, but it "DOES work"....WTF! Yes I know it gets worse, but really, THIS much worse? And I've never heard of a month-long initial breakout, that just gets worse rather than better. I was in tears the other night, I'm so frustrated and horrified with my face. Even with makeup, it's ugly; I can cover up the red, but my skin is freakin' THREE DIMENSIONAL. It feels like braille. And I can't go on like this for 2 more months until my appointment. So I'm gonna update on my skin condition in this log, and hope for improvement...and if there isn't any in 2 weeks, I better get to go in for an appointment and get back on Accutane! I was hoping I would never have to endure that again...but it might be preferrable to a painful swollen face that scares small children. (Okay, not really, but I don't think people want to eat around me). So as of now, this is I believe the 4th week of this torture...I'll try to update frequently.

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im on kinda the same thing ...im only on day 8 or so....it does suck im jus tryin to hang in there but do keep writing how its going and dont DONT give up until atleast 12-15 weeks....

its hard to keep going but im moving along and i hate acne too i have been thro everything including a round of accutane and if this doesnt work ima do it agian....accutane sucks tho cause the IB was HORRIFIC

prior to me grettin on taz i was on retin-a micro for 3 months and i broke out SOOOO BAD on my cheeks(i never got pimples there before) but anyways i went to derm in like tears pretty much and got on 0.1% taz cream with doxy and suppose to wait 12 weeks and see how it goes from there

we will see tho

hang in there life sucks and it sucks 1000 times worse with acne but maybe one day it will all jus end

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Okay, so it's now been about 2 months (I don't remember the exact day I started this regimen), but I have my 3-month appt. at the end of September so...I have 1 month left. The terrible acne and painful cysts and whiteheads I had on my right cheek cleared up for the MOST part...yet left a TON of scars/red marks, in addition to the ones that were ALREADY THERE!! Great, so in exchange for clear skin, I have to break out and acquire 50 million more scars than before? Well, actually, I'm not clear--and it's annoying the hell out of me. The parts that were bad before are mostly smooth...well it's weird, I'll be fine for a few days then I wake up and OUT OF NOWHERE I'm breaking out. I think it's mostly right before my period this happens, like 1 week before. But seriously, I was pretty smooth the other day, then I wake up and BAM! Painful swollen whiteheads all over. And right now I'm in so much pain, it hurts to open my mouth very wide lol. I have these big swollen mini-cysts (I'm not quite sure the size of a "cyst"), some are already on the surface and formed disgusting whiteheads, while others I can feel are the beginnings of volcanos, brimming with gooey lava that is gonna make an appearance/erupt by tomorrow probably. These ginormous mountainous lumps are on my forehead, my upper cheeks, and my jawline...and they are hardly visible but my skin is raised up in those areas slightly, and they are raised in pretty big circumferences (if that's the right word?). I can tell these suckers are gonna take up a whole lotta space on my face. DAMMIT! I'm so pissed, I hope my skin is this bad when I see the derm next month so I can go back on the Accutane torture. With my luck, I'll show up with flawless (yet scar-infested) skin that will erupt in volcanoes the MOMENT I LEAVE THE OFFICE. "Oh, it looks like it's improving, let's stick with this"...NO because if I stick with it, I will have to do this crappy regimen forever or it will come back full force the moment I stop. I really don't think Doxycycline is helping at all...the pills never really seem to have any effect that I notice, my skin is just always painful and dry and swollen because of the topicals. Even though about 1 hour after washing my face it's an oil slick and my makeup literally melts off...it gets so streaky after a few hours. So gross. My face almost looks wet lol. Oh and I'm getting little whiteheads on my shoulders...haven't had those since pre-Accutane days. WHHHYYYYYY is this happening to me?! Oh and don't you love the kind folks who take it upon themselves to point out that your face is broken out? "OH REALLY? Because I had no idea! THANKS!" Heh, this one older guy at work one day was like "I can tell you're tired, you look like shit!" And I said "Ummm...what?" And he goes "Your face is all broken out, what have you been eating?" STUPID IGNORANT OLD-FASHIONED TARDS that think diet is a main factor in acne. I was like "I've suffered from acne most of my life" and he says "Bullshit, I've seen your face, it never looks like THAT!" Wow, what a way to start the day...ASS! :wall:

Wow, can you say run-on paragraph?

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